2010 review


2010 taught me a lot of things. lets review 'em

1. aku stil tak bejaye manage duet gaji dgn baek. ye aku ade duet simpanan asb n tabung aji. tp asal pg kl je kuarkan duet utk shopping. vungux!

face this. bulan 12 ni aku da pegi singapore. kl trip 2 kali. n kelantan trip. bejoli naek atv je pakai duet gak. spent almost 3 k. gaji baru brape je bai? las las kua duet simpanan. aaaaa! mane taknye. asal nampak je rembat. nampak je rembat, wattakuan!! seryes takleh kontrol nafsu shopping. org kate gaji besar. no. gaji aku tak besar. selera aku besar. hahaha

so aku telah memotong lagi gaji untuk tambahkan lagi duet simpanan start from gaji bulan ni! amek ko! ikat perut la aku!

2.my career is getting smooth. my bos recognize my talent. i love my job. but sometimes when i dont get wat i want. i'll tend to mengamok. menanges. super hate that. sede gak sbb kene belaja mende yg tak paham. welding la. ASME code la. Petronas spec la. API la. AWS la. macam macam code. tapi papepon kne blaja.

recipe menjadi sorang engineer oil n gas yg bejaye. code. communication. firm. english. english. aaaand english! seryes tak tipu.

this year projek kurang masuk. economy was quite bad. nevertheless project pumps in banyak next year. SOGT. KPOC. TAPIS. a few to names. yg tu kire mega n im in the porject also. banyaaaak kne blaja neh. sobs

3. year '10 teaches me a lot on friendship. FRIENDSHIP. yah with capital. i love them loads. most of them are starting their career. good luck to them all. with their absence, a hole in the heart they've left me with. seryes. i am all by myself. i easily get bored. i easily get angry. my life is just not the same anymore. sobs. sometimes i do think to move somewhere else. u know...be independent. i havent get out from the house except for my matriculation time. but i am juz comfortable enough living here in kuantan. takpe takpe. bosan bosan aku pg melawat korang eh. get ready je laaaa! hahahaha

4. dont ever fall for your bestfriend. even a slightest remote feeling. dont! just dont! things wont ever be the same. i am now in a middle of a situation where everything are awefully dumbstruck, perplexed and incredulous. sometimes i think i cant hold it anymore. but wat else can i do? crying? hell no. yang ade skang cume pride. tu satuuu je yg tinggal. putting aside my pride is equally same for me to go naked around. i'd rather get a head shot. im just extremely tired of all this drama. i don wanna end up being an angry woman. i wanna know wat the hell is going on between us. but i cant. im juz too disappointed. i think wats best for now is juz too hold my speech. sobs.

5. i've been a pain in the ass for my parents. hah! seriously. they were lunatic as hell. marah gile towards me. haha! they treated me as if im a baby. nak wat cmne beb? susaaaah! kne solex beb! da tua bangke kot! haihhhhhhhhhhhhhh

well thats it. later alligator. muax!~

Je prtends que tout va bien

i love u dearly

tadi pg bank dgn ayah. sign some sort of agreement.

while waiting for the accountant to do all the documentation.

we were chit chatting for a while just to kill time.

our topics basically revolves around world headlines, national headlines, political status, book reviews, sports and yada yada yada..

tapi kan, tibe tibe he changed the topic:

ayah: so hows ur relationship status?

ijah: ayah. please dont ask.

silent environment...............................................................

stiff movement.....................................................................

awkward moment................................................................

ayah: semalam balik pukul brape? pukul 2?

ijah: tak. balik awal. pukul 1.

ayah: korok mu!

ok he's behaving normal again. thank god. pfft!

i love u dearly ayah!

pi.es: bapak aku comel!


aye aye captain !!

nak cakap ni...windu korang! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

post tadek idea. bubuh pic je lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


formating deleting

i have had this one lunatic madness that i despise most. i have to format my 'laptop'. i've made a huge mistake by downloading one 'virus' that will lead me to fatality. luckily the desease can still be safe. i hope it wont reach to the 'mother board'. now i have to delete everything that have been programmed inside my 'laptop'. demmit i'd downloaded a lot of unwanted things. wayy beyond my control. i dont know how does that happen. naturally it juz did without i even realized 'em. i dont know when? i dont know why? sometimes things go unplanned and it turned up wrongly. so here i am. i'm gonna undo everything. format and refresh. jus press F5 n everything will be normal. everything will be just fine. trust me. i've been into this like a million times. i'll get through this and rose up in the mornin as if nothing had ever happen. i'd already smell the sweet scents of victory. JYEAH!

sin chia po!

went for an exhibition in spore. cudnt shopping. only bought la senza undergarment for mysef. tshirts for bros. perfumes that cost a hefty sum of rm350/bottle for my mama and rm150/bottle for along's besday. mmg bankrupt!

lola for mama

sjp lovely for along..Seb bek awak pregnant..tu pasal ijah present kan yg mahal mahal

was too bz in the day. so tired during the nite. was not in the mood coz i got into a rough fight. ended up crying in the flight. cried the whole way home. i dont know wheres the mistakes. i just dont. i'd go back to make it all right.

super duper fucked up!

serious shit super duper fucked up! i hate myself rite now! i am 24. n every step of my behavior doesnt resemble my age. its like im juz 14 years old. 4 to be worse. i wont grow. i am not matured. im still cursing! im still hot tempered. im still ill mannered. im still a rude person. i say mean things to my loved ones. i hurt them unintentionally. i dont think i can change me! its hard!! like super duper hard!!! damn it! i feel like cursing right now! FUCK! hah amek kau kan dah mencarut!

even cursing wont get this feeling off my chest!


here are some snap pics of the concert i went the other day. ella + wings + search. yep! im a universal listener. i listen to every genre of music. from dangdut to rock. awesome! this concert is one hella concert! my third SEARCH concert. yep! imma ROCKSTAR!!

the stage

the crowds

the fans

the bride to be. not me. she is the main reason on y i booked meself my own jakarta trip! haha


betol betol ho liau..ahahaha

perkara ini baru sahaja berlaku sejam yang lepas di antara aku dan sahabat ku ili bazilah rani dali

pssss....jangan terperdaya dgn muke bajet cute dan bajet innocent nih! BELIAU ADALAH PEREMPUAN YANG BETOL BETOL GILA!

ili: tgk website airasia sekarang!!

pujah: ape die?


maka ini lah hasilnya....


dalam masa sejam sahaja. jari ku pantas meng-click button button di air asia. aku tak tahu shaitonnirojim ape yg bejaya menghasut aku! tapi ini lah hasilnya!! im going to jakarta next month. rm129 jek!!!

airasia tgh buat promo one day sahaja on 101010. so tiket super murah inclusive airport tax+insurance+baggage fees. hohohoho. untuk baggage fees aku hanya akan bawak beg kosong sahaja. hanya sotong kering yg aku bawak. sbb aku nak SHOPPING KAT JAKARTA!!!!!!!! wahahaha. so sape sape yg nak kirim pape sile la kirim eh. bagi skali pengeras nye....wahaha

tempat penginapan nnt kat asrama doktor doktor malaysia since adik ili study medic kat sane. ape yg aku paling risau is flight separate ngn ili. aku pegi dulu naik flight kul 530pm. ili pg lewat sejam. tapi balik malaysia balik berdua la..ni sume pasal tiket laku macam pisang goreng panas. fuuhh fuuuuhhh! payment pon da dibuat melalui cimbclick. bedebah kau cimbclick! aku ingt nafsu shaithon aku tu time online shopping jek. skali nafsu tu attack time sale airasia jugaakkk!!

pas da bayar sume tu baru tarik nafas lega. then tibe tibe terpk.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! nak nanges! nak nanges! apa aku nak bagitau mama ngn ayah eh???? macam menempah maut jek! tibe tibe skang ni rase cam nak gali kubur sndri jek! waaaaaa!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN! Wat the hell have i done with my life???!!! kenapa aku ni GILA SANGAT??? Bajet nak jadi julia roberts dlm eat pray love ke? kenapa senang sangat terpengaruh????? pas dah byr tiket baru nak check cuti raya haji,pastu baru la nak tanya nak tido katne...mendapat la aku pasni kne berdepan dgn MEM BESAR!!

mari kita bayang kan...TIINNNGGGG!!!

Ijah: mama , ayah. im going to jakarta next month.


ayah: AYUH KITA KAWEN KAN BELIAU!!! *hoyeah! hoyeah!*

Uhuk uhuk!!! ngaaaaaaaaaa! sumpah rase nak nanges. tadi buat tak reti pk. maen sedap jek click button tu click button ni! skang RASAKAN LAAAA! im not gonna tell them now. kne tunggu pas abes pg konsert triple trouble wings+search+ella. pasal konsert ni pon aku tak bagitau lagi. satu kes dah kat situ! ni kes pegi jakarta pulak. PARAH!!!

btw baju utk shopping pon da beli..kebetulan terbeli due tiga hari lepas. boleh pakai time shopping! eheheheh!


ok lah. nak sambung pengsan kembali! BYE!

entri rambu ramba

lagi 11 hari umor aku akan menginjak angka 24. tik tok tik tok........


aku slalu rase diri aku cam matang gila..tua gila..sebab dah masuk 20-an..time umor 19 nak masuk 20 rase cam omaigod! angka 2 weh! pastu 21.. pastu 22.. 23......n skang dah nak masuk 24! dayummmmm! tapi masuk je bulan october tibe tibe aku nak ngaku aku 23 la kan???!!! tanak masuk 24 plis!!! actually its not a big deal pon angka 24.. angka 25 tu yg aku kesah sangat!


kenape aku stress?? sbb mama dah bagi amaran, warning, ugutan, blackmail, musik musik indah yang sedap di dengar oleh halwa telinga yang nescaya boleh membuatkan hati ini menangis dan berkecamuk menghentak hentak kaki! ok stop!
mama: ijah, next year u must find a boyfriend. i want u to get engage no matter what happen! ingat! NEXT YEAR!!!

ayah: susah susah sangat ayah kawen kan dgn tok siak masjid. boleh kontrol kamu! *mata terbeliak*

me: sobs sobs :8(
hello!! ingat cari tunang cam cari boyfriend zaman mirc ke??? tipu gila zaman mirc aku sgt lah tak femes nye..tapi skang pon bukan femes pon..ahahah..kate lah aku seorang bookworm who didnt bother into people's life n heck no i dunno people during my school days.

tapi doesnt mean umo da 25 kne betunang ke kawen bagai kan? target aku 26 or 27 nk settle down..tak puas enjoy lagi..YES! memangla aku kaki enjoy. aktiviti aku tiap tiap minggu pon same jek...swimming, shopping, movies, makan makan, lepak lepak jek. cume skang da tambah aktiviti sehat sket which are hiking and teaching the orphanages. cant u see??? im fulfillin my life with something useful apart from enjoy 24-7

tapi aritu kan.............................ade tebace status kawan aku yg da kawen n baru dpt baby.

*sile klik untuk tumbesaran*

dah baca?

ahah ahah ahah!!


sentap aku bukan as in sentap ngn member..nope betty i am very happy for u..u have one cute baby...aku sentap sebab uwaaaaaaaaaaa...aku pon nak jugaaaaak!!! tapi kan camne nk kawen kalo pegang baby pon tak reti? suke budak pon cam jauh sekali? ahahah. okim fine with kids but just in 5 minutes. more than that sile la jadi mak tiri. skali budak budak da nanges nanges, merengek rengek, hentak hentak kaki, baling barang sana sini, buat tantrums? camne? *wondering camne mama bole survive ade anak macam aku?*

saya nak kawen!!!

ps: name anak aku nnt rizky khairina. maksud: rezeki yg baik. COP! JANGAN CURI!!

p.s no 2: camne entri besday bole jadi entri geletis nak kawen?

p.s no 3: i think i miss someone today! woh!

saye menang! saya jutawan power root!

item 3


item 4


item 5

memang berbaloi baloi! last wik time jalan jalan nampak promotion SONY TRADE IN DEALS. Lasted until 30.9.2010. So pagi tadi terpk time tgh drive pg keje. Ape kate kite grab peluang ini untuk trade in barang barang buruk? hoho.

Item 1: vcam beli time form 5 (trade in)
  • description: beli sempena hadiah spm. harga? boleh beli Canon EOS 7D dambaan hati!
  • kelebihan: time form 5 tadek org pakai vcam. so konon konon bajet bagus lah kan. buduh!
  • kelemahan: tak tahu gune. gune tak sampai 20 kali. handling die konon konon unik padahal letih nak pegang. taktahu cara cara nk transfer video masuk computer. thats why terpaksa hantar kedai untuk burn dalam cd. SANGAT COSTLY!

Item 2: Canon IXUS 400 (trade in)
  • description: ayah punye on work purposes which turns out to be the camera for photogediks macam aku.
  • kelebihan: NTAH !
  • kelemahan: sebab kan camera ni lah aku tak pakai pakai vcam. vcam tros di anak tirikan. pastu selang beberapa bulan kemudian muncul lah persaingan yg maha dasyat dari camera camera yg bermegapixel lebih tinggi dan wide screen! DAYUM! tergugat sey!

Item 3: Sony alpha A550L (welcome to mummy!)
  • description: mendapat idea untuk meng-anak-tirikan camera yg serba ada ni sbb camera tu cam dah lame gile je gune. dari zaman universiti lagi. kite bagi camera tu pencen. dah penat dah die asek tangkap gambo je keje. baik nye tuan awak kan?
  • kelebihan: mendapat rebat sebanyak rm400 sebab trade in dgn vcam yg lame. hauhauhau! oh disertakan juga dgn memory stick 8GB. bagi aku, 8GB tu kire besar abes dah tu..ke kecik lagi?
  • kelemahan: tak paham sehabuk camne nak gune mende alah ni!

Item 4: Sony S-Frame (welcome to mummy!)

  • description: frame elektronik yang boleh tuka tuka gamba secara digital. MAGIS KAN?
  • kelebihan: mendapat rebat sebanyak rm100 sebab trade in dgn camera lame. hauhauhau!
  • kelemahan: boleh store up sampai 250 keping gambar jek. bunyi cam merendah diri ke meninggi diri? hmmmm.... (-_-)"

Item 5: Samsung corby S3653W (welcome to mummy!)

  • description: oh plis plis nak kaler pink! nak buang henset buruk tadek cover bateri nih!
  • kelebihan: FREE OF CHARGE! menang hasil dari gores dan menang! wahahahaha!
  • kelemahan: kire syukur la dapat free. lagi mau komen kaaa? pang kangg!

untungkan? dahla rebat sehingga rm500. pulak tu menang henset free. tuah ayam nampak di kaki. tuah manusia siapa yg tahu? huahuahua. sangat gumbira. sebab sume pon ayah punye duet! wahahaha! berkesan juga idea gila di pagi hari lantas menelefon ayah dan merengek rengek satu hari..berbaloi baloi! ngeh ngeh ngeh! *padahal menggunakan taktik ugutan untuk keluar dari rumah untuk hidup berdikari. ptuih!*

p.s: bukan salah ibu mengandung. cuma naseb badan la dapat anak demanding gilon macam ni!

something to get off my chest

I have everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of having - a car, a home, a yet-to-be-successful career, tonnes of awesome friends and A FAMILY - yet like so many others, I found myself lost, confused, and searching for what I really wanted in life. Life isn't perfect though. I have bills and debts to pay. A not-so-luminous-anymore skin condition. And a quest for self-discovery.

I've been single and dateless for almost a year. Not that it doesnt bugging me. It does. Like all the time! People say how perfectionist I am. Hear me now. Nope! I dont need someone perfect. All I ever need is someone doing nothing and yet keeps me falling. Who make his move first. Who can endure all the pain to be with me. WHO HAS MORE BALLS THAN I DO. Sound perfectionist? Naah! I hope that one day, If ever, I will meet him and know that he is the one. I just know.

I really wanted to discover the inner peace and balance of true love in the heart. Therefore, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, risking everything to change my life, embarking on a journey to find my own self. For a start, I am restructuring my financial plan. I'd set my brain not to buy the unimportant thing. Its hard! I know. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

I am trying my luck to be a tuition teacher. Its for the orphanage. Doing it for free. Its still in an early talk. But I hope I can give the world a better place for them. It started out from following my mother to her charity event. N it strucked upon my head, who really cares for them? Their needs? Their education? Their life? It bits me in the heart, stings me in the eye. I've gotta do something. Give something.

Travelling round the world has always been my dream. If there is a job named fully paid salary traveller. I'd go for it! Unluckily, it's only in my dream. Money is everything. Better save up some money! Since this year I've been to genting. Then nextyear i'll be going for Sabah. Im diving yaww! My wishlist will come true. Really hope that I could make it for the plan. Its a all-girls-no-men-allowed vacation. Play hard! Pray hard! I've been longing to go to some place where the grass is always greener. Where else? Paddy field laaaa! Please someone take me there!

To all, I sincerely wanted to express my love ; my friends, my family! I LOVE YOU!

Eat. Pray. Love

lotsa love. xoxo


wats inside?

hai kawan kawan..topik pembelajaran kite pada kali ini is about handbag..baru je kene tag dgn shapohols..pandai nye minah ni bagi idea kat aku..kalo idak..bekerak dah blog ni..orang kate..u can learn the true color of a woman from wats inside her handbag...so sile la belajar-belajar ye..

ini le handbag yg aku selalu hurung ke hulu ke hilir..handbag guess besar nak mampos..handbag paling mahal aku penah beli..new arrival with no discount..knape aku gile sanggup beli? sebab ayah yg present kan..ghahahaha! gedik gile keluar shopping ngn ayah..sebab memang dah tahu kalau kuar ngn ayah MESTI DAPAT APA YANG KITA NAK..he will never says no..tapi time tu time tak keje lagi lah..skang ni nak mintak pon reti malu sendri dah..nak beli gune duet sendri pon usah harap lah kan! uhuk uhuk! handbag ni ada macam macam name..if im not mistaken this type is hobo..correct me if im wrong..aku bukan tau sgt pasal pesen pesen ni..maen taram jek..

so lets see wats inside my handbag...CEKIDAUD !!!

1. map genting n photo yg beli kt genting: will update more on genting on next post!

2. purse: walopon purse tu besar..tapi isi di dalam nye adalah kecil! aku pernah pergi kerje with only rm2 left inside..time tu minyak kete plak dah lip lap lip lap..so terpaksa tumpang org laen balik umah! ahaha

3. beg mekap: tema bulu bulu..nope! im not animal killer! ni sintetik sahaja..dalam ni ade pelbagai jenis alat solek..untuk bagi cantik bak katrina kaif

4 dan 5. compact powder: will elaborate more below

6. camera: a must for photogedik cam aku ni. camera ni 2 tahun punye dulu..gamba pon da kureng quality..knape eh? ade tarikh luput ke? ke nak mintak kene tiri ngn camera slr? hmm?

7. pay check: HEHEHE=) angka-angka yg tetulis di dalam hanya mengingatkan aku pada tanggungjawab nak membayar hutang segala..aiyaaaak!

8. kerongsang: yg ni memang ade stok banyak..tapi sebab kecik asek hilang tah ke mane..seb bek murah..beli rm10 dapat 9..UNTUNG!

9. penutup cover henset: jeng jeng jeng! akhirnya berjaya jumpa!! ahahaha! selama ni henset aku memang lompong je tadek cover..time kaseh la sha! seb bek ko tag post ni..kalo tak mesti aku tak jumpe jumpe cover henpon aku! ahha!!

10. pencuci muke yang ke 14 kali tukar..no further comment..pffft!

11. gelang india: beli rm15 jek kt booth india..found it awesome n nice..xoxo!

12. inner tudung: aku pon musykil camne bole ade inner tudung dalam beg..haih!

ok yang ni pulak bahagian mekap mekap. Girls best friend! hikhik

1. lipstick bodyshop

2. lipstick bloop

3. lipgloss revlon: been wearing this for 5 years! pengguna setia okeh!

4. lipstcik revlon colorstay

5. lipstick chanel: my fave..tp da nak abes..nak beli semula tak mampu..rm 80! aaaargh!

6. maybelline cover stick: biasenye aku pakai time nk heavy mekap..utk tutup spots n jadikan as foundation.

7. bodyshop make up set: dalam tu ade blusher n eyeshadow..2 in 1 ! beli time sale! superb!

8 & 9. eyeshadow revlon: ade 2 tones: pink purple and nude brownish

10. maybelline super extended mascara: dah kering dah pon..sbb jarang jarang pakai

11. silky girl eye liner: A MUST! kalo tak pakai rase cam mate ni dah super sepet..hukhuk!

12. M.A.C eyebrow liner: paham paham je lah..kening aku ni kontot separuh...haihhhh

13. compact powder revlon colorstay: baru beli..seryes bes pakai!

14. compact powder christian dior: yg ni punye da nak abes..pasni da takkan beli dah sbb tak mampu..mahal sangat!

15. blusher revlon: yg ni pon bes gak..color sgt pastel..soft jek

hasil solekan dari mekap mekap di atas...a very minimal touch up for hari raya..i lke it soft, natural n warm so it can blend with the skin..plus i am trying to minimizing all of those powder chemicals on my face since my skin condition is not at its best.

plis jangan tanye tips mekap ngn aku..u wont get the answer from lady engineer here. sebab kadang kadang aku mekap sampai muke da jadi cam kueh raya pon ade..hukhuk!

pssst: seb bek tadek tag wats inside your car..kalo tak sile la jumpe segala jenis safety helmet dan paper kerje dan drawing drawing dan majalah pengantin! ohohoh!

The Afghanistan and Iraq wars summed up in 4 quotes

Reason for invading Afghanistan:

“The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.” — George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Sept. 13, 2001

And then..

“I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” — George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., March 13, 2002

So just 6 months after 9/11, the world’s most dangerous man is not important anymore. He does not just become unimportant.

70,000+ deaths.

Reason for invading Iraq:

“We found the weapons of mass destruction. We found biological laboratories … And we’ll find more weapons as time goes on. But for those who say we haven’t found the banned manufacturing devices or banned weapons, they’re wrong, we found them.” — George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 30, 2003

And then..

“Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere!” — George W. Bush, joking about his administration’s failure to find WMDs in Iraq as he narrated a comic slideshow during the Radio & TV Correspondents’ Association dinner, Washington, D.C., March 24, 2004

So that was one big fat lie then.

130,000+ deaths.

Two pointless wars based on absolute lies and over 200,000 people dead as a result.

Day 5

Day 5 : Six things that you wish you had never done.

1. tidak membawa basikal dgn ganasnye waktu kecil..kalo tak tadek la parut kat kepala lutut

2. tidak ingkar untuk mencabut gigi sewaktu kecil kecil..kalo tak tadek la gigi berterabur macam skang ni

3. tidak mudah jatuh cinta monyet beruk babun dan sebagainya..kalo tak tadek la kene sumpahan cinta

4. tidak menjadi seorang yg terlampau ego, kuat merajuk, kuat memerintah dan sebagainya..kalo tak tadek la jadi seorang lady boss macam skang ni

5. tidak menjadi seorang yg terlampau kuat enjoy..kalo tak tadekla idop asek nak ronggeng jek

6. tidak menjadi seorang yg tadek ketenangan diri..kalo tak tadekla rase idop ni asek incomplete jek..




Day 4

Day 4 : Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. knape duet asek tak cukop?

2. bile anak sedare i nak kua?

3. knape bonus sikit jek? duet raya pon kne cut off..lari bajet

4. dah tak sabar nk pakai baju raya..haha

5. knape esok kne keje lagi? aaaaaaaaaaa!!!

6. tak sabar nak balik raya bakar lemang, masak dodol, buat rendang, masak ketupat! eventhough i do not consume all those high colestrol food. ahahah

7. raya kali ni cam tak bes jek sebab tak de boipren. TAKPE! next year saya akan pastikan saya akan mempunyai FUTURE HUSBAND utk raya tahun depan! wahahaha!


Day 3

Day 3 : Eight ways to win your heart.

1. Y

2. O

3. U

4. R

5. S

6. E

7. L

8. F

Just be yourself.
I will like u, fancy u, love u for who u r.
No need to describe all sorts and wats not.

Day 2

Day 2 : Nine things about yourself.

uno. baru je bagi duet raya kepada adik adik sepupu semalam. perasaan memberi duet raya sama seperti perasaan sudah bersedia untuk berkahwin. ho ho ho.

dos. mempunyai bilangan jerawat yang tidak termampu dibilang dek jari. mungkin hormon perempuan baru datang. waktu zaman remaja tadek plak jerawat tu nak datang. dah tua tua ni baru nak timbul. selain itu, aku juga baru mengerti ape itu kesakitan period cramp. sakit ya ampun! so betul lah kata mama, hormon perempuan ku baru nak aktif. cit!

tres. merasakan bahawa diri ini sudah dewasa. sudah hampir setahun bergelar pekerja. sudah hampir setahun membayar duet kereta sendiri. sudah hampir setahun memberi duet bulanan kepada ibu bapa. sudah hampir setahun belajar bertanggungjawab terhadap diri sendiri.

cuatro. jika anda bermain kutu dalam jumlah duet yang besar dan bilangan peserta kutu yang banyak, jangan jadi peserta yang pertama. singkirkan jauh jauh perangai anda yang gila nak shopping megasale raya di butik zara mng dan segala bagai. SINGKIRKAN! JIKA TIDAK ANDA AKAN MENYESAL! haru biru aku nak membayor duet kutu time turn org laen! uwaaaa!

cinco. mempunyai masalah split personality. pada satu masa boleh menjadi seorang mak tiri yang super garang super fierce! tapi pada satu masa pula boleh menjadi seorang yang kuat merengek dan kuat merajuk. i dont even get it with myself!

seis. seorang yang super ego. mempunyai masalah mahu menang dalam segala gala hal. kalau bergaduh pula sangat sukar utk mengaku silap dan meminta maaf.

tujuh. *dah taktau spanish dah* skang ni aku tak pose. hahahaha!

lapan. aku dah tadek idea nak tulis ape.

sembilan. oh sebelum mengakhiri coretan. saya ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN !!!

Day 1

Day 1 : Ten things you want to say to ten different people.

1. lady gaga..u r a freak..i hate ALL OF YOUR VC..half naked women+sex manipulation=rubbish VC!! plus u r ugly..but your talent isnt!

2. muben: watched he's just not that into you..n i guess this time you r right! totally! semua wanita dan lelaki dipersilakan menonton cerita ini..it's about relationship..yg konon konon hati batu tu sile lah jugak tgk..sesuai utk para hati bunga dan hati batu..trust me! u will think of your very own relationship status once u watched the movie..it's like a love guru for me!

3. nenek n atok: nexwik pas keje ijah balik! first time nak bagi duet raya kat adik adik sepupu..nenek n atok pon dapat jugak tau! hek hek!

4. din beramboi! balik la cepat!!!

5. ria, zaireen n nad..bile nak shopping zleqha n girlish talk? shahirawati tamao join ke?

6. rashdan n hanif: kak ijah bagi duet raya nnt jgn byk complain..terima dgn redha jek! huh! byk cekadak kang aku pang sekor sekor

7. akira toriyama! tenkyu for your dragon ball comics...i lob u lah! ur comics inspires me in so many way!

8. badrul afrizal: sori sebab aku selalu lupe bawak henset pegi keje..haha!

9. along! ijah nak duet raya! i dont care! i want 10 ringget from you! plus i have been window shopping for baju baby n stroller for my anak sedare..mommy cant wait to see u!!

10. i am sorry for being such a sulker. selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin. u know who u r.

esok pulak day 2...tungguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!


Sebab aku dah mendapat penyakit kegeringan idea untuk menulis...here goes some idea from my fren..shapohols..minah ni banyak jek idea die..whereas for me..NADA! hehe..so sha! tq for your help..baru ingt nk kuburka je blog nih...

Day 1 : Ten things you want to say to ten different people.
Day 2 : Nine things about yourself.
Day 3 : Eight ways to win your heart.
Day 4 : Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day 5 : Six things that you wish you had never done.
Day 6 : Five people who mean a lot to you.
Day 7 : Four turn offs.
Day 8 : Three turn ons.
Day 9 : Two smileys that describes your life right now.
Day 10 : One confession.




the food?

mixed salad

salmon steak

fruit punch

fret not! i consider them SEDAP! a bit pricey though..suits its quality..

the atmosphere?

music . art . talk

architecture asia front cover! well done!

so now? who wants to join me?

boy...balik la umah...

a quickie!!

waktu kecik kecik..aku dpt adik lelaki. sebab kan perangai aku mmg macam budak lelaki dari kecik. so aku rase blessed sbb ade geng aka pengikut. ade geng lawan pedang. geng maen bulldozer. geng maen bow n arrow *abes lipstick mama sbb kitorg conteng satu badan konon konon amek feel jadi red indian* geng cukur bulu kening separuh sbb testing gillette ayah. geng tgk wrestling n applikasi kan wrestling terhadap diri masing masing. geng kejar anak ayam n lari lintang pukang kne kejar ngn mak ayam..geng maen pingpong buatan sendiri..geng jahanamkan motor honda cup atok..geng maen mercun sampai nyorok dalam longkang pasal polis buat spot cek..geng panjat pokok smpai badan berbirat kne gigit kerengga..geng menggelepar nak mandi hujan pakai spender jek..geng susah mati kene pukol ngn mama n ayah pasal kes buang pemadam dalam longkang..geng bace komik siap jadi narrator *kitorg paham bahasa planet nameck..pokpurnga..pipiriktparo!!* geng cakap bahasa F sbb org laen dalam rumah sume tak paham..hanya aku n die je paham bahasa F ni..


adik aku dapat sambung study. UMP JUGAK! walaupon dekat. tapi die balik jarang jarang. kadang kadang duduk rumah pon bosan. sbb tadek geng nak ketawa ketawa. nak sedeh sedeh. rindu nak bebel bebel. rindu nak mengamok ngamok. rindu nak baling baju dari tingkat atas smpai tingkat bawah. rindu nak drive in mc d malam malam bute. rindu nak nyanyi lagu shaolin kung fu hey..ho ho yeah..rindu nak bahan suara katak demam die..rindu nak dgr die cakap ok ok ok ok ok kalo kne ugutan..rindu nak dengar die maki aku kalo amek sos kicap cicah cendawan lebeh lebeh..rindu nak dgr die maki masakan aku tak sedap..*aku masih kecik ati sbb mu tak makan mee bandung aku!*

boy...balik la rumah.....

forever 21 !!!


aku da ade byk sangat baju plain plain...asal masuk mng ngn zara jek baju plain jek..motif nak baju matang matang..konon terserlah kewanitaan..tapi kalo da masuk forever 21!! die punye aura laen sket tau..tibe tibe jek rase cam nak lompat lompat atas awan..sebab color combination die sgt ummmph!! plus rege die mughoh lagi!! warning! sila jangan ikut aku masuk F21 sebab kalo masuk konpom berjam jam..haruslah anda jgn mengacau aku menjamu mata kalau tamao kene marah! so duk diam diam tahu! heppp!!

this one i beli 2 months ago..only wear it once

yg ni pon colorful sangat sangat!

tibe tibe i rase cam nak makan limau sunkist!

so now dah decide! tops ini akan dipakai time nak pegi corporate buka puasa event..dgn harapan boleh ketemu jodoh! hehehhe..baju da striking kalo tak jumpe jodoh gak memang haru!!


zaireen da kawen! congrats!!! first gaul yg da kawen...jgn lupe bace wish aku kat kad tu tau! hihihihi! semoga cepat cepat dapat baby comel! nnt bole dapat duet raya! hehehhe

malam akad nikah

menjoyahkan diri

darlings !!


not worth it

I always do this. I always screw things up. I always make a big deal out of the smallest things. I don’t know why I get so upset over such insignificant matters. And honestly, if I look at it objectively, I can see how foolishly it is that I’m acting. It doesn’t matter, though. Because objectivity is not my reality. Far from it. What I feel is never objective and I don’t think it ever will be.

I’ve always been insecure and I’m used to it by now. Like, it doesn’t hurt me. Usually. But when that insecurity is directly tied to you, it hurts like hell. And I wish it didn’t. And it’s all my fault. I bring it upon myself and then I ruin things.

I’m sorry I get so upset.
I’m sorry I’m such a cow when I do.
I’m truly sorry, I’m not just saying that.

And I know that I should change, and I do try in my own way… But… I don’t think I’ll ever succeed. I don’t think I’ll ever be logical and strong. When it comes to you I’ll always be vulnerable and messed up. And honestly, I’m expecting you to give up on me very soon.

They always do.
They all give up on me.
And it’s all my fault.

I’m just not worth it all.

QURSI'S miracle

Kisah benar ini berlaku di US.

Ia tentang seorang wanita dari Malaysia yang bekerja di US. Dia memakai tudung dan memiliki akhlak yang

Suatu malam perempuan ini dalam
perjalanan balik ke rumah dari tempat kerjanya. Kebetulan dia mengambil jalan singkat untuk pulang. Jalan
yang diambil pula agak tersorok dan
tidak banyak orang yang lalu lalang pada masa itu.

Disebabkan hari yang agak sudah lewat,
berjalan di jalan yang agak gelap sebegitu membuatkan dia agak gelisah dan rasa
takut. Lebih-lebih lagi dia berjalan

Tiba-tiba dia nampak ada seorang lelaki (kulit putih Amerika) bersandar di dinding di tepi lorong
itu. Dia sudah mula rasa takut dan tak
sedap hati. Apa yang dia boleh buat waktu tu adalah berdoa ke hadrat Allah memohon keselamatan atas dirinya. Dia baca
ayat Kursi dengan penuh pengharapan agar
Allah membantu dia disaat itu.

Masa dia melepasi tempat lelaki itu
bersandar, dia sempat menoleh dan dapat mengecam muka lelaki itu. Nasib
baik lelaki itu buat tidak endah dan
perempuan ini selamat sampai ke

Keesokkan paginya, wanita ini terbaca dalam akhbar yang seorang perempuan telah dirogol oleh seorang lelaki
yang tidak dikenali dekat lorong yang
dia jalan semalam hanya 10 minit selepas dia melintasi lorong tersebut. Muslimah ini yakin benar lelaki kulit putih
yang dia lihat semalam adalah perogol

Atas rasa tanggungjawab dia terus ke balai polis dan buat aduan. Wanita ni dapat mengenalpasti suspek
melalui kawad cam dan selepas siasatan
dilakukan, polis dapat bukti bahawa lelaki tersebut adalah perogol yang dicari.

Tapi perempuan ini hairan juga kenapa lelaki tadi tak jadikan dia mangsa ketika dia melalui lorong tersebut
walhal dia keseorangan di masa tu,
tetapi lelaki tadi rogol perempuan yang lalu selepas dia. Wanita ini nak
tahu sangat sebabnya. Jadi dia minta
kebenaran polis untuk bercakap dengan perogol
tadi sebelum hukuman dijatuhkan (sebelum lelaki tadi di bawa ke
tempat lain).

Dia pun tanya perogol itu..

“Why don’t you do anything to me on that
night even though you know that I’m alone?”
(Kenapa awak tak buat apa-apa kat saya
malam tu walaupun awak tau saya seorang je masa

Perogol tu jawab:

“No, you are not alone. That night I saw
two young man walking with you. One on your right side and the other one
was by your left side. If you were alone
of course you will be my victim.”
(Tak, awak bukan berseorangan. Malam tu
saya nampak ada 2 orang lelaki berjalan dengan
awak. Seorang sebelah kanan awak dan sorang lagi sebelah kiri awak.
Kalaulah awak sorang2 malam tu, sudah
pasti awak jadi mangsa saya..)

Wanita ni rasa amat terkejut bila dengar
penjelasan perogol tu. Dia bersyukur ke hadrat
Allah kerana memelihara dia malam itu, mungkin juga berkat ayat Kursi
yang dia baca malam itu.


Jika kita sebagai hambaNya menurut
segala perintah dan meninggalkan segala laranganNya, Dia pastinya akan sentiasa dekat dengan kita dan
memelihara kita. Wanita tadi
pertama-tamanya menutup aurat di US dan memang seorang yang menjaga
batas-batas yang ditetapkan Islam.
Mungkin dua orang lelaki yang menemani wanita itu adalah malaikat yang diutuskan Allah untuk menjaga
hambaNya yang sentiasa ingat akan

"...Barang siapa membaca ayat Kursi apabila berbaring di tempat tidurnya,Allah mewakilkan 2 orang Malaikat
memeliharanya hingga subuh. Barang siapa
yang membaca ayat al-Kursi ketika dalam kesempitan nescaya Allah berkenan memberi pertolongan kepadanya ..."
[Dari Abdullah bin ‘Amr r.a.]

Sebuah kisah benar yang sangat sangat menarik pada pandangan ku...
semoga kite semua mendapat pengajaran dan ilmu yang bermanfat...
sebagai hamba kita seharusnya percaya dengan kemampuan senjata orang mukmin iaitu DOA….

semoga kita sentiasa dipeliara Allah dari
kejahatan syaitan yang di rejam…….


this is long...

i promise u..this is long..

nampak tak sign kat atas tu sign ape? itu tanda sign venus..normal venus sign takkan ade tanda penumbuk in between the circle..tapi this time ade penumbuk..means seorang perempuan *yang tak datang period* tapi nk mengamuk mengalahkan the hulk! perempuan ini da taknak jadi jigglypuff..die nak jadi she hulk kaler pink! cume yg tak bes nye she hulk tu ade genetik kaler hijau! haihhh..redha!

abaikan tuuut tuuut she hulk nih..mencolok mata sungguh! Nauzubillah!! * kate la jeles!! *

serious mode on..
* pasang lagu tema jaws sket!! *

i am sick n fed up with my work place..wats with all these guys huh? they dont respect me..i know i am harsh n my attitude doesnt resemble any kind of womanhood..tp please! RESPECT SKET BOLE! panggil aku lelaki la..ajak maen bola la..ajak isap rokok la..they dont consider me as a woman at all..fuck! aku benci! ko nak aku panggil korang bapok ke? korang sedap mengata aku..aku penah mengata korang ke? aku penah kutuk fizikal korang ke? aku tak suke kutuk orang ok! mulut aku ye laser! tapi aku takkan hina orang..sbb aku tak perfect! korang perfect sgt ke? NABI YANG MAKSUM PON TAK KUTUK ORANG! aku rela tak kawen dari kawen ngn lelaki perangai macam bagus nih. naseb baek aku tak berapa rapat ngn korang..kalo tak da lame aku skolah kan sekor sekor..dapat penumbuk atas batang idung satu das pon sedap gak! takpon starlight atas dahi! please ok please! i dont consider urself as a well behave gentleman if u dont even show any remorse respect towards women. u all r nothing but rubbish!

ok. fullstop!
tarik nafas dalam dalam
i have one weakness. my weakness is kuat sebok hal orang. in this case i will sebok sebok pasal the one yg close with me..maybe my act shows my stupidity..tapi kan..org pempuan kot..suke pok pek pok pek..actually its not at all bout being busy body..but this is more to show my concern..tp jadah ape ko nk concern pasal org? u dont own people.. so stop jadi control freak..nak tunggu kne tengking dlu baru nk diam kot..nk kne air mate begenang baru nk nyesal..tu la padan muke ko! suke sgt eh sebok..komplen sane..komplen sini..grow up! nobody likes to listen to ur nagging..dah gaye mak orang kot asek beleter jek..now i know im so kepochi n mak nenek..so there u are..muhasabah diri balik..kne jadi matang..jgn merengek rengek..jgn cari pasal..jgn cari gado..kalo org nk buat pape..biarkan..masing masing da besar kan..da tua..da pandai pk..Mahfuzah Mansor! diri awak sndri pon tak lepas lagi..so jgn nk jadi bossy! bear that in mind! awak buat hal sendri jek..awak fokus je buat keje..awak jgn nk kecik ati..ati awak tadek sape pon nak jage..awak kan iron lady..ati superduplex stainless steel..awak tak leh nangis dlm toilet..awak kne kuat! super kuat! kate rockstar! so...as from now on..i've made up my mind..i need to shut my mouth a bit..people wont be annoyed n so my heart wont fell all over the places. shattered like a broken glass.
tragedi oktober da abes

skang masuk berita hepi hepi jek
* pasang lagu barney pulak *
my sister is pregnant..i am going to be an aunt!! soon enuff sume org bole panggil mak ngah jah..ke aunt ja? mane lagi glam? tak pon bole panggil i mummy..hohohoho...OKLAH! panggil i MUMMY..i will treat the baby as my own..as my blood..seriously bile dpt tau the news from my sister..i was jumping! super joy! tak sabar nk shopping baju baby..nk blaja pegang baby..nk mandikan..nk bagi makan nestum..nk tuka pampers..hohohohoho! *the fact that i dont wanna get married since i dont believe in everafter concept anymore. plus i am very happy living single like this. Btw please la jgn tanye aku bile nak cari boyfriend baru. cukopla tiap tiap ari kne pressure ngn parents sndri. i dont need any strangers to play that part too. Mahfuzah skang bukan Mahfuzah yg dulu. 2 minggu clash tros couple ngn orang lain. NO! this is a new me. i love being alone until God-knows-when. so dont ask me any shitty question like that ever again!! *

After all..shit happens..u can juz wipe the poop away..hahaha! MUMMY IN THE MAKING!

akibat 10ketul biskut

know wat. i have this enormous gigantic apptetite. i mean really BIIIIIIIIIGGGGG !! yesterday i ate like alot! two plates of nasi..one plate of mee curry...lots of durian...lots of manggis n lots of rambutan...all in one tummy...well my case..four tummies or perfectly well known as perut lembu.

as a result..today i went all the way to yak yak n vomitting non stop. heh! padan muke ko! sape swoh makan like there's no tomorrow...then ape lagi..."mama...ijah sakit..wuuuuu" dayum...a 24years old "woman" who calls for her mom whenever she fell sick..camno tu? duduk lagi bawah ketiak mak...heh! i cannot get married untill i overcome my manja..ironlady kejadah??!!

takjub den tengok durian bole petik macam tu jo!

pi.es sokmo: pasni i have to watch my appetite...pinky swear!~*tipu tipu! pinky swear pon nak tulis kecik kecik*


kawan saye da kawen. congrates to her! walopon agak menggila time betunang..akhirnye semua nye ok in the end! good for her..kalo tak aku bekhen da minah nih! huhuhuh..btw aku kenal izah ni time same same jadi linesman utk badminton national cup kt kuantan nih...tup tap smpai skang baek...hehehe..well we dont need thousand years to fall in love with one personality...only in a glimpse of an eye je kite da tau yg kite bole ngam! bole masuk ngn die..juz as me n izah n capien n ZILA! heheheh..cepat cepat la jadi mak buyung ye! tak sabar nk jadi aunt..=)

senyuman seorang ratu cantik

btw enjoy this video...Adinda by LAH ve

edisi telebeh rajin

sambal sotong terbaik

baby cabbage..the greener the merrier

ikan bakar sambal tempoyak


dont mess with pujah!

pi.es: in a nutshell...my husband MUST KNOW how to siang ikan belakang n MUST KNOW how to use bottle/can opener. *bepeluh aku nk membukak botol kicap*