im in peace

i was sexually harassed. yep. physically harassed. i am irritated and upset. i didnt know what to do. that ungka harassed me three times. at first i thought he didnt meant what he did. then comes the second time. i was mute. i didnt know what exactly should i react. i was confused. distraught. disturbed! and then i made a decision to face him if he tried anything on me. yep. this ungka never learn the word respect women! the third time, i was furious and i confront him. i told him not to bug me anymore. or i'll spill the beans to the management. and so yes i did. i told my bosses. i cudnt help my tears came falling down. i cried hard. i was molested. come on dude! respect women la bodoh! and so...he was being sacked from the company. in your face ungka! bodoh punye orang. this is the price u have to pay. never mess with women. we have dignity. treat women as the way u want your mother and siblings to be treated!

and so im in peace. skang bole keje balik malam! amin!