the love hates

ok i know.this entry will most probably evolve around the same-lame-boring-annoying topic. but i'd once said...don't lay your eyes on this not so decent piece n just click on other pages if u think this is annoying.

heavy storm is blowing my head. it is like a hurricane. so just please stay away from me. dont u dare to come any nearer..or else u'll get affected. haishhhh...sabar je la...


now i feel it.

i mean... loneliness.

it's not my first time feeling all alone here. i know this moment will eventually come. i can't forever be illuminated by the subject that everybody share the same shoes as i am...just for the sake of having company. i know i will eventually have to face that i'm actually alone here.

here... everything... everybody is far reaching.

it's raining and it just adds on to my loneliness. the sound of falling water from that leaking tank in my bathroom is the only melody that i can hear now. even the television is on and the lights are all working, yet... it's still too silent!

when will i move on??


1. Experience a different religious service

Go experience a different religious service in your current lifetime. Not to change your religion, but rather to open your mind to different beliefs and practices, and to respect the aesthetics of another faith. Why not visit a different place of worship? Many buildings associated with religion are breathtakingly beautiful. Or read the Quran or Bible, to understand better the ethos and history of different creeds. TOP TIPS: Visit a mosque, a cathedral, a Buddhist, Sikh or Hindu temple; a Methodist or Orthodox church.

2. Change the way you look

Okay, so clearly you look different now from the first you came into the world, screaming your head off and stark bollock naked. No matter how much Elizabeth Arden Eight-hour Cream you applies. But with age comes freedom. The freedom to put your own mark on your appearance. Seize the day and banish image insecurities for good. If you're not impressed with what God gave you, simple. Change it. Get a wardrobe makeover. Out withe the geeky garments, in with the chic professional look. Or you could lose or gain shedloads of weight. Shock yourself with a healthier brand-new shape.susan boyle have done it! why don't you!

3. Date someone unsuitable

Why? Well, it's fun! Mischievous! All your friends will disapprove (and be slightly jealous). The relationship will have that edge of danger, an element of impishness, the spice of forbidden fruit. So it's not going to end in marriage and babies. Who cares? In fact, that's the whole point. Have a wild affair with someone completely inappropriate. It's a rollercoaster ride of daredevil dates and lost inhibitions. Just be prepared with the messy break-up when it all comes crashing down.

  • Seduce someone significantly younger or older.
  • Court a colleague (even your boss!)
  • Steal someone else's squeeze

4. Buy a house!

Buying a house is one of those right passage that you really need to go through if you want to call yourself a grown up. In fact, there's no surer way of announcing your adulthood than becoming a fully paid-up member of the property-owning classes. Of course if you havent done it already, you'll have no shortage of smug friends delgihting in pointing out how much money they have spend on the property ladder. With a little determination, dedication and hard work, you too can be proud owner of the cosy little home of yours'. Whatever, it'll be home. To decorate as your own personal whims and fancies take you. You will come out the other side a poorer (much poorer) yet happy homeowner!

5. Forgive someone

That bitch who trod on your toe as she pushed past you to get on the most I-want-that-dress sale? That teacher who told you, aged twelve, that you would never amount to anything? The lover who broke your heart so badly that the scar still aches? Take a deep breath. Smile benignly. Forgive. By the age of forty it's high time you learned one of life's greatest secrets - that if someone hurts you and you forgive the, it's you who will feel better for it.

6. Learn a new word every day

7. Track down your first love
There's nothing like first love. It can affect the way you feel about relationship for ever, and all other lovers will be compared to that first - good or bad. It's actually quite cathartic experience to track down the person who first stole your heart. For example, if you have romanticized them, how would you feel about then if you see them with frown lines? Perhaps after all this time, you could make a friend of them? Or if they broke your heart, you could make a peace with them. After all, it's now time to forgive someone as you approach middle age. Lets not be cynical. Love can last a lifetime!

  • Check the phone book
  • Ask long time friends for leads
  • Look up your old lover on Facebook
  • Visit your old school
  • Send a message in a bottle

8. Visit the wonders of the world

Well, there were seven. Sadly most of them succumbed to earthquake, wind and fire, though Pyramid of Giza stands strong to this day. Still the world is full of wonders. Feel free to make a start. Before I am forty, I must see...

  • The Colosseum, Rome
  • The Eiffel Tower, Paris
  • The Empire State Building, New York
  • The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
  • The Grand Canyon, Arizona
  • The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Mount Everet, Nepal
  • The Statue of Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro
  • The Statue of Liberty, NY
  • Stonehenge, England
  • The Sydney Opera House, Australia

9. Give a stranger in the street a bunch of flowers

As they say, Say It With Flowers. Say what, exactly?
  • I thought you looked a little down. Would these make you smile?
  • You're doing such a good job sweeping the street that i thought you deserved a reward
  • He/ She doesn't loves me. Please take these (and can I have your phone number?)
All in all, giving is better than receiving.

10. Have a messy break-up
The tears, the accusations, the complicated death throes of that lingering attraction. Ah, the joy of messy break-up. We've all been there. Broken someone's heart and then gone back for more just as they were getting over us. And we've been on the receiving end of such dastardly behavior, too. The messy break-up is something that just has to be experienced. How else would we appreciate all those mournful love songs? Singledom never tastes so sweet as when we've walked over broken glass to get here, extricating ourselves in the most painful way possible from a relationship long since dead, but kept alive through the black arts and mere routine.

different between boys n girls

 i only take 20minutes to get shall i classify myself as half girl-half boy..hmmmm?

sabar itu pasti.....

i have this fling thingy towards maxi dresses.. fling okeyh.. once i drop my eyes on those flowery maxis.. i fell in love.. rase macam nak terbang.. lompat lompat atas awan.. *bajet son goku ke leh naek awan guling?*

blom dpt lagi jaket idaman..kalo tak mesti muslimah rock chic abes~

santek kan?

hajaba look alike.. its great since i am having difficulties to find such hajaba that fits my height

greeny pon santek jugak! bole kasi kurang power spek

even though i am a shorty..i wear this maxi on purpose..baru nampak tinggi im wearing it with wedges...lagi lagi lagi lagi la NAMPAK TINGGI!! status terkini sudah ade 3 pakai pon jarang jarang..well i dont repeat my clothes that often..takot nnt nmpak basi...thats y i keep on buying...buying...and buying...(-_-)"...cume skang ni...i can't shop as i used to since im following my resolution to strictly obeying my financial planning...potong gaji masuk bank daaa... gaji nak dapat dah ni...tak salah beli sehelai lagi kan? kan? hikhikhik ;8)

my very own weekend getaway!~

hye hye...i'm flying high...up in the sky..

from my previous post on things to do before you're 40, i'd mentioned something about "have a lost weekend" this is what i've been up to for the past few days..instead of being so sullen, moody and depressed over marriages and weddings..i tend to cheer up my mind...coz this time it's my best cuzzy's wedding! i am so glad he's starting this whole new thing level with the right choice...a very gentle, charismatic and bright young woman...kak saadah! welcome to our family...sila la tahan dgn perangai zarir yg banyak tak senonoh n loyer buruk tu...hukhuk

zarir's getting ready for his big day! pengantin siap tak makan sbb takut punye pasal..lepas akad nikah straight pg mentedarah nasi smpai photographer cari nak tgkp gamba...haihhhh

me as always..the DULANG GIRL...hukhukhuk

anak sedare feveret mama n ayah kawen..pssst..dorang siap nanges time zarir akad nikah tahu!

up next! hari berbelon gem0k!.......*iklan sekejap*

right after the wedding...i boarded my self straight to kuala lumpur..excited gile nak berbelon gem0k...with my dearest perempuan perempuan gorgeous...ihik...sayang u all! well maybe some of u wonder kenapa i suke kuar ngn perempuan..knape tak keluar dgn guys? sbb with them we can chit chat...senang nk shopping..senang nk memancing ikan besar bersama sama..u can say senang nak menggedik together gether...GITEW!~

seriously i was so tired..exhausted tahap gaban sbb as soon as i reached kl...i pon overnite until 3am dgn lida n shopping kt uptown danau kota! sgt murah!! huhuhuhu...wakey wakey plak kul 6.30 am konon nk gerak awal...tuptap lambat smpai gak kes nunggu si sarah pendek n dee mulut murai besiap...hey! aku rase cm nk cepuk cepuk je korang! nextyme kite buru lagi lelaki lelaki kacak yang memandu kereta mahal...koh koh koh




pendek kata: next year! DEFINITELY I'M GOING!!

so there u lost weekend...dgn kudrat yg ada... i went all the way from kuantan-tganu-kl-kuantan! iron lady bebeyh..

okie dokie...that's it from me..signing off

-pujah- nex month planning nk balik kampung n pg melaka! jonker walk! a famosa waterworld! here i come!


1. Talk to an older person about their childhood

Many elderly people begin monologues with the cry: 'Ahh, when I was young...' Have you ever listened to what follows? With your full attention? There are fewer things more fascinating than hearing a first-hand account of a bygone era. If said older person is a member of your family, perhaps a parent or grandparent, you'll gain insights into family roots you never knew existed

2. Go on a blind date

Blind dates are nerve-racking, yet potentially thrilling events. Whether you're a veteran on the dating scene, there are some hard-and-fast guidelines to abide by. First, you have to look your best. (This isn't the moment to make a fashion faux pas). The last thing you want is for your date to give you the once-over and walk on by. Everyone has the fear that their blind date will be a minger. Let's face it, usually it's love at first sight or a downright disaster. And there's the only one way to find out which.....

3. Have a lost weekend

What's the point of getting to forty and being able to remember every single day? Make sure there's at least one weekend remembered solely. The weekend will have been the stuff of legend. Something that will make you wish you'd never been born. As long as you passed out with a smile on your face, the chances are it will have been worth it.

4. Run to the top of a hill and shout, 'I am the King of the World!!!'

5. Retake an exam you failed or did badly in when you were young

6. See a band you've never heard playing live!!

If we didnt expand our musical horizons, we'd still be chilling to 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'. There's no need to shut off all other avenues for the rest of your life. Discovering a new artist whose music touches a nerve, makes you smile or cry, drives you to dance or soothes you to sleep, is one of the enduring joys of this life. Music is the gift that keeps on giving Open your mind. The band might be crap but who knows they might be the Next Big Thing

7. Get creative. Write! Paint! Compose a song!

8. Get in a cab and shout, 'Follow that car!!'

You've seen it in the movies, now make it part of your real life!!

9. Keep a diary.

Anne Frank did it, and went down in history. You too could follow in her footstep by recording the scandals of your life and times, together with the inevitable helpings of mundane minutiae. Dig out your teenage diaries from the loft. Before cringing with embarrassment and burning them to ashes, stop a minute. Those memories are what make you who you are. You can wallow in nostalgia when you read them again at the age of eighty? Spare no detail, however salacious. twenty years from now, you'll re-read the saucy bits and think: 'Oh yes. I lived.'

10. Learn to drive

I mean really really drive. Take your motoring skills to the next level. Sample a circuit track, or go off-roading on an extreme rallying course. Free from the hassles of speed cameras and plodding pedestrians, you can zoom with unlimited zest. Your adrenalin will go into overdrive as if you tackle the drive of your life.

ever after

To my truest best friends; haley n mary


They were there with you on your first day at primary school
When you fell off your bike and broke your arm
When your cat died
When you won the 100 metres
When you went to your first date
The day you passed your test and drove your own car
and when you went on your first holiday without mom and dad.
Now, even though you are both out there in the big wide world
You are still 100 per cent there for each other
Whenever the going's good,
and whenever the chips are down.
No fair weathered friend here
You'll be each other's bridesmaid or best man,
and godparents to each other's children.
On your 100-th birthdays,
you'll not only be there to wish each other well and to drink the bubbly,
but you'll know you've got a friend for life



p.s: penat nak mengarang nih...make sure support aku shopping kt kl! bhahahaha

p.s no 2: mereka berdua single lagi yep! HAHAHA!!


hai kawan kawan...kalini aku nk review buku buku yg aku beli taon ni..sume nye bagi aku bes bes...ade yg da bace..ade yg baru beli tadi...psss...hobi shopping aku bukan termaktub kepada baju kasut handbag dan make up sahaja...bahkan aku addicted terhadap buku buku..kalau masuk kedai buku mcm tak nak kua dah...mcm nk berenang renang kt situ jek...

buku pertama:

anne frank. the diary of a young girl

cite ni inspires aku pasal kekejaman dunia.walaupon ade kekejaman tetapi semangat cintakan keluarga dan kental untuk terus hidup tu sgt importante..kekejaman juga mengajar manusia untuk terus berjuang. pendek kata anne frank adalah seorang kanak kanak yg jauh lebih matang dari usia

buku kedua:

biografi muhammad bin abdullah

buku ni aku beli sbb terpanggil nak baca...nk kenal dgn lebih dekat Rasul Allah.

buku ketiga:

kisah hidup 25 nabi & rasul

buku ni saje beli time jalan jalan...sbb org kite ni asek disajikan dgn buku fairytale cinderella la aladdin kalini saje beli konon konon da kawen ade anak bole bed time story baca kisah nabi nabi..hikhik..gedik gitew!~

buku keempat:

the age of fallibility by george soros

a book about globalization, policies and solutions...saje nk bace buku heavy sket..

buku kelima:

eclipse...sambungan twilight n new moon...sekali da beli buku series mesti nk sambung tros baca smpai abes

buku keenam:
things to do before you're 40

buku ni light sikit...saje nk bace utk release tension...nnt aku share info keyh...hehehehe

buku ketujuh:
senangnya memasak...AYAM!

ok jgn gelak..aku tau masak okeyh..cume nk sharpen kn recipes n skills..heh!! ;8)

buku kelapan:

majalah solusi...panduan hidup bersyariat..

ok pas ni da tanak pegi kedai buku..skali pegi tros beli 4-5 buku..rabak duet!! waaa!

tag o tag

org tag aku pon buat member nih!!

1. Adakah anda merasa HOT?

kecik kecik cili padi...kire hot la kan? ke tak hot? ok ok..aku tak hot..aku cute jek...tehee=)

2. Upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda guna sekarang!

3. Cerita pasal gambar

perlu ke nak citer? obviously nmpk sgt aku geletis nk kawen kan? eh sila la datang umah aku tgk majalah pengantin betimbun timbun..seb bek skang da stop yg nak nyanyi lagu pelamin angan ku musnah neh!! hnnnsss hnnnssss :8( *kembang kuncup lubang hidung*

4. Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?

pizza Tu ape? saya tahu N to the A to the S to the I jek...timekaseh lah NASI sbb da bejaya buat perut aku bededel lipat 2..dayum!!

5. Lagu terakhir anda dengar?

teardrops in my guitar- taylor swift
the most meaningfull lyric : i fake a smile so he won't see

6. Apakah yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?

memekak lagu taylor swift repeatedly..sampai lebam..sampai ayah bangun n maki aku mangkok betalu talu

7. Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil nama apa?

ijah, pujah, ja,
rosmah mansor n yg paling tak boleh bla skali gedik dan pendek
cuba combine kan gedik+pendek..INDAH NYAAAAA!

8. Tag lagi 8 orang

ili gila
anonymous!! bhahahaha

9. Siapakah orang no. 1 kepada anda?

rakan seandartu bersama

10. Katakan sesuatu mengenai orang no. 5

hoi jumpa kau nex wik! jgn lupe dating kita menikmati sunset di atas hot air balloon

11. No. 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?

ni pon same jek geng andartu aku..koh3

12. Bagaimana pula dengan no. 4?

najat! be strong! kak ijah tau susah sbb kak ijah tak rase ape yg najat rasa...papepon ganbatte!!

13. Pesanan buat orang no. 6?

kawen tu jgn lupe lupa plak aku nk pg kl minggu dpn naek hot air balloon...jom jumpe!!

14. Kata-kata cinta untuk orang no. 2?

ko da ceraikan ria ke belom? (bohhh...bapak r kata kata tak cinta!!)

15. Adakah orang no. 7 dan no. 8 mempunyai persamaan?

aku kenal masmona..
aku tak kenal anonymous..
masmona kenal aku..
*padan muke kau tak dapat komen dah..mesti hidop kau tak tenteram tak dapat bang aku kan? btw tq la sbb jadi stalker terhebat dlm idop aku..muahahha*

16. Berikan 5 perkara yang anda tahu tentang orang yang men-tag anda.

aku dgr cite ko flash cincin risik ko depan sume org? btol ke?
aku dgr cite ko nak betunang bulan 6? btol ke?
aku dgr cite ko nak kawen bulan 9 pas raya? btol ke?
aku dgr cite ko tak abes abes lagi dgn perangai rakus ko shopping tuh?
aku dgr cite ko dah matang? btol ke?

17. persamaan antara kambing dan lembu?

lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama
kambing punya susu, sabun dapat nama
ape kejadah tanye soalan mcm ni?? pfffttt!!

18. perasaan anda buat tag ini.

saya cinta awak...bolehkah awak kawen dgn saya?

19. adakah anda tahu si Rizman itu sengal?

Sape? Rizman Ruzaini yg buat baju kawen lawa tu ke?

20. Gay or Les?

sedang berfikir fikir untuk menjadi gay


nak buat ke tak?

aku ade confusion kt kepala otak aku ni...nak simpan duet gaji carum tiap2 bulan masuk asb ke or buat asb loan?? asb loan tu aku baru je nk familiar...actually da tolak gaji masuk asb..cume ade org kate kalo join asb loan lagi untung...memang la lmbat kaya biar lmbat asal selamat...tak berani aku nk join mlm pelik pelik care paling senang is to saving la satu satu usaha untuk elakkan aku beshopping bejoli...i am going to do this yawww!~

kawan kawan yg da bekeje...kalo korang tau pasal ni sila share maklumat yg korang tau...aku ni tak pegi bank lagi tanye psl ni..ingt kn nak wat gak loan ni..tapi still here are some info on asb loan yg aku cilok kt intenet..kalo korang musykil gak rajin rajin la pegi bank n tanye je org kt situ:


  • Individuals who are between the ages of 18 and 60 years old
  • Bumiputera

Loan Amount

  • Min loan amount : RM10,000
  • Max loan amount : Up to RM400,000 per borrower, at any one time including the balance outstanding of the existing ASB loans (if any), or up to the maximum investment amount allowed by ASNB, whichever lower

Margin of Advance

For loan amount up to RM200,000

  • Up to 100% of nominal value of ASB units
  • Up to 105%, inclusive of the GASBRTT

For loan amount above RM200,000, at any one time

  • Up to 95% of nominal value of ASB units
  • Up to 100%, inclusive of the GASBRTT

Loan Tenure

  • Up to 25 years OR
  • Up to age 60, whichever is earlier


  • Individuals who are between the ages of 18 and 60 years old
  • Bumiputera

Loan Amount

  • Min loan amount : RM10,000
  • Max loan amount : Up to RM400,000 per borrower, at any one time including the balance outstanding of the existing ASB loans (if any), or up to the maximum investment amount allowed by ASNB, whichever lower

Margin of Advance

For loan amount up to RM200,000

  • Up to 100% of nominal value of ASB units
  • Up to 105%, inclusive of the GASBRTT

For loan amount above RM200,000, at any one time

  • Up to 95% of nominal value of ASB units
  • Up to 100%, inclusive of the GASBRTT

Loan Tenure

  • Up to 25 years OR
  • Up to age 60, whichever is earlier

Loan ASB

  • Loan ini ditawarkan di 3 bank agen PNB bagi mendapat sejumlah Sijil ASB dgn bayaran bulanan tertentu
  • Sijil ASB dipegang oleh bank dan dividen akan dikira berdasarkan amount sijil ASB tersebut
  • Peminjam boleh mengeluarkan duit yg diterima sebagai dividen, tetapi tidak bagi sijil
  • Sijil ASB dari loan ASB ini tak boleh dicagarkan utk OD (sebab dipegang oleh bank yg bagi loan tu). Tetapi dividen tahunan yg diterima boleh dijadikan sijil utk dicagarkan sebagai OD
  • Jenis interest : Monthly rest…sama mcm housing term loan


  • Cash dlm ASB dijadikan sijil, kemudian dicagarkan kepada bank (agen PNB) utk mendapat OD facility
  • Sijil yg dicagarkan akan dipegang oleh bank selagi anda menggunakan OD faciliy
  • Size OD adalah 90%-95% dari jumlah sijil ASB
  • Account OD adalah Current Account dan pengeluaran duit boleh dibuat bile2 masa (atm, online, buku cek)
  • Tiada pembayaran perlu dibuat setiap bln kerana bayaran utk interest akan ditolak secara automatik dari balance dlm account OD (ni kalau case tak pakai habis la)
  • Jenis interest : Daily rest…interest dikira berdasarkan amount yg digunakan shj

Rasa mcm dh cukup…kalau ade lagi korang tambah la

entri khas untuk parasit

Salam...sebelum saya menulis dengan dikawali penuh rasa marah dan menyumpah..saya minta maaf lah pada anon sampah bodoh kalau terase..let me be clear to u...ko nk kate aku? Ko nk sumpah aku? Ko nk sebok pasal aku? Itu ko punye pasal lah...tapi kalau ko da sebok pasal family aku...ko da kuang aja...i pity u for not having a beautiful family like mine...i have a great father who i idolised so much..a great father who is one of the most top leader in Pahang state..who is so successfull that he inspired all of his children..who will give us anything for what we ask for..who will provide only the best of quality to his what if u don’t have a father like mine??

i have a mother who currently n will always be my top of the list BFF..a mother who works to save peoples live..a mother who wud sacrifice anything to her children..a mother who wud cross 7 continents n 7 seas only to hear a single little news from her children..a mother who wud have a girl talk n giggles n shed her tears all the way with us..we cud have a chit chat for hours non stop..i can share anything with her..i mean EVERYTHING!

In my family...we don’t cheat..we honor each other...humor n jokes are our recipes of being ONE HELL OF A HAPPY FAMILY...we don need vitamin c or botox or liposuction..we juz need to be happy to stay young n fit..know what! I dance with my father when we heard our favourite songs..we even sing our heart out..we value each other..WE ARE ONE! i have the most coolest parents ever! They give gifts whenever they have arguments...they give flowers..jewelleries..having a romantic dinner..a vacation..they appreciates each other by giving hugs n words of wisdoms..i bet u don’t. Normal la kot kalo parents gila pon begado..ape ko ingt marriage tu kne harmoni every single second ke? BUAT TENGOK!! perlu ke aku nk post gamba intan berlian bapak aku bagi kt mak aku tiap2 kali die bagi kalo gado? satgi ko kate aku belagak kaya plak..dahtu memang bapak aku kaya ko nak sebok knape??!!

Yeah i was brought up with western upbringing..but a family who prays together stays together..i bet u don’t even have a father who prays n preach al quran to u...a father who concerns a lot about aurat n akidah..i guess ko mesti kekurangan kasih sayang keluarga..i pity u for having a disorganized n malfunction family that u start to bug mine...BURN IN HELL U WICKED PEOPLE! O dear Lord..please show them some love n some mercy so that they wont have enuff time to open my blog n start be so dead jealous of my life..what a harsh reality!

Pi es: lepas ni diharamkan sbarang komen dari anonymous...aku menulis bukan mintak komen korang..baca dan blah...kalo nk ngumpat tu sila ngumpat bekarung karung..aku ni kurang pahala..nk gak pahala korang tu sket2..

Pi es no 2: when people talks about shows how famous u r... susah jadi org famous please...back off n stay the hell out of my life n get ur own...thank you =)

kau kunci cintaku di dalam hatimu

penat nye menjadi seorang wanita! ya..WANITA! abaikan gelak keropok aku tu..gelak melahar lahar..lawak spastik..kerenekan, kecutean, kenaifan dan kesucian aku aku tau...walopon rupa aku seperti 14taon tapi aku da 24 kot..da WANITA! so let me be one! *tunduk memandang lantai tanda pasrah*

meh sini aku describe betapa penatnya menjadi seorang wanita yg bekerja..

  • kerja 830-1730..padam je lah nombor 1730 tuh...jadikan jek 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300...naseb baek tak penah wat gila lagi bawak selimut ngn bantal tido kt opis!

  • balik kerja je tgk umah besepah...apa lagi ! menyinga la aku kt si sepet ngn si cecep..

  • kne make sure si cecep n si sepet makan nasi !

  • kne make sure si cecep tak maen game..mesti blaja..nak menunggu kan die blajar tu memang dan 8 lap mulut aku beleter

  • kne kemas dapur since si sepet ngn si cecep mmg adik mangkok ayun tak reti mengemas langsung

  • kne setel kan sume benda bekaitan baju: lipat baju, rendam baju, sidai baju, gosok baju...bonus lagi bila ayah kau tak reti gosok baju sendiri yg Ya Rabbi menggunung sambil gosok sambil beleter gak mulot tuh! kadang kadang tu sambil gosok sambil nangis sorang sorang..huduh muke! wuwuwu...malangnya tangisan aku itu dibuat dek aje oleh bapak ku yg kejam itew~

  • kalau ari sabtu n ahad lagi terbaek! hari mama kerja = hari menjadi chef pujah...mula la becakap sorang sorang blakon pura pura jadi chef.."ya puan puan..mula mula kita panaskan minyak..kemudian kita tumiskan bawang sampai naik bau ya puan puan..sejurus selepas itu kita masukkan cili boh...bla bla bla" *Seryes aku suka becakap sorang sorang*..tapi lagi tensyen kalau si sepet diam diam beli makanan di cecep siap join skali tuh..tak beragak btol! AKU MASAK SEDAP OK!

kesimpulan nya, sikit masa lagi boleh jadi gila..boleh menjejaskan period cycle, membotakkan kepala, menambahkan kedut di muka, mempercepatkan proses menopos dan juga memendekkan usia ku ! oh no !!

so sekarang dalam kepala otak aku asek pk alangkah indah nya jika..

  • dapat duet segedebak dan shopping..borong segala zara, mng, forever 21, guess ke segala mak bapak pavilion aku nak pusing! INDAH INDAH!

  • dapat naek bukit yg tinggi skali kt kl tu..ala yg yusuf haslam selalu buat shooting sembilu..sembilu lagi dan HOI TAK ABEH ABEH LAGI KE CITER SEMBILU NIH??

  • dapat pegi tgk showcase dayang n marcell kt planet hollywood..*tepaksa cancel sbb ade family day*waaa!! takpe ko tgk la aku nak melalak karok puas puas time dinner nanti! muahahaha! seb bek sore aku sedap..ihik ihik

  • dapat maen ice skating...dari dulu nak maen tapi harapan jelah memikirkan umo yg dah lanjut kau masih forever 21 senah!

  • dapat pegi air terjun pelangi..seryes rase cm nak masuk utan then mendaki smpai at one stage dpt tgk air terjun yg ade byk gila pelangi! NAK PEGI!!
gamba sebenar air terjun pelangi

  • dapat marathon tgk sume cite industan seharian...sambil letak kotak tisu kat sebelah n selimut untuk cover senyum kambing sekor sekor..tehheee :8)

  • dapat pegi holiday dgn yg tesayang *berlari lari anak di gigi pantai dgn shahid kapoor*

last but not least....................

DAPAT KAWEN! *blushing* baru pas melalak lagu ramlah ram. tq..teheee =)