ever after

To my truest best friends; haley n mary


They were there with you on your first day at primary school
When you fell off your bike and broke your arm
When your cat died
When you won the 100 metres
When you went to your first date
The day you passed your test and drove your own car
and when you went on your first holiday without mom and dad.
Now, even though you are both out there in the big wide world
You are still 100 per cent there for each other
Whenever the going's good,
and whenever the chips are down.
No fair weathered friend here
You'll be each other's bridesmaid or best man,
and godparents to each other's children.
On your 100-th birthdays,
you'll not only be there to wish each other well and to drink the bubbly,
but you'll know you've got a friend for life



p.s: penat nak mengarang nih...make sure support aku shopping kt kl! bhahahaha

p.s no 2: mereka berdua single lagi yep! HAHAHA!!


Syafiq said...

ehem2.. :p