the love hates

ok i know.this entry will most probably evolve around the same-lame-boring-annoying topic. but i'd once said...don't lay your eyes on this not so decent piece n just click on other pages if u think this is annoying.

heavy storm is blowing my head. it is like a hurricane. so just please stay away from me. dont u dare to come any nearer..or else u'll get affected. haishhhh...sabar je la...


now i feel it.

i mean... loneliness.

it's not my first time feeling all alone here. i know this moment will eventually come. i can't forever be illuminated by the subject that everybody share the same shoes as i am...just for the sake of having company. i know i will eventually have to face that i'm actually alone here.

here... everything... everybody is far reaching.

it's raining and it just adds on to my loneliness. the sound of falling water from that leaking tank in my bathroom is the only melody that i can hear now. even the television is on and the lights are all working, yet... it's still too silent!

when will i move on??


miss lily said...

me too.....hari2 rasa lonely tuh...walaupun surrounding dgn radia, tv, call kawan....still rasa lonely....~~~sigh~~~

zaC zaheeda said...
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zaC zaheeda said...

jah,aku pon rse lonely.
at least ko ade parents n family duk dekat..kwn2 utk hang out..
aku?jauh diperantauan.kdg2 rse nk blk keje kat kuantan je..
jah,usha2 la keje kat kuantan utk aku..
miss my hometown!! tbe2 je homesick..ahahaha

riaizzatirazali said...

syg, u can always count on me kan?

still long way to go, yep loneliness sometimes come and go, but thats not the reason u should hold to old story. let go dear, if he's yours then definitely he'll come back, if he's not, then he's just not meant to be yours.

i always love u my mak tiri! ;)

misae@ainiliyana said... strong..aku n kwn2 mu still ade ngan mu k!

Anonymous said...

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