perempuan, wanita dan ...


first thing first. i wud like to apologize if anyone wud end up getting hurt reading this post. my writing is going to be a bit spicy n sizzling. its up to an individuality on how u r going to interpret my message. get wat i mean? nahhhhhhhh.....................................

perempuan. subjektif. lembut di luar keras di dalam. keras di luar lembut di dalam. semakin meningkat usianya semakin matang lah pemikiran nya. tapi ape jadi kalau makin tua makin tak matang? hello! wakey wakey! mati ke kalau tak berboifren? mati ke kalau tak berlaki? ye mati kalau kau pegi bodo sangat bunuh diri. itu baru mati! dah kalau tak mati mati ko nak wat ape? ko senyum jelah. challo bette!

please! grow up n be matured. jangan nak desperado sebab jantan bole tak? geli tahu! sanggup kau buang kawan sebab jantan? laki tu pon belum tentu nak kat kau. takyah la bangang sgt nk menangis nak merayu nak tepekik nak telolong. huduh rupe tahu! huduh sepang! wheres your sense og dignity? at least tolong la ade pride sket. org laki ni kalo senang sgt dapat. senang la die let go. sbb die tau ko mesti melutut kat kaki die jugak. bagai melukut di tepi gantang. tak malu ke kalau org label kite as gedik? desperate? tak malu? tak malu? pui!

tolong la jadi mahal sikit. aku bukan swoh kau jual mahal. ni dah tahap lelong nak bagi free ni ape kes? nak ke mane mane pon nak kne ade abang sayang. blom tentu la die tu jadi abang kau. meluat la derr..kalau tadek abang sayang kan maen lagi kau punye banyak helah. tapi bile abang sayang ade, dari sakit bole jadi macam usop mak limah lari siap angkat wheelchair. bengot! disgust ok! puke puke!

seryes hipokrit gile perempuan macam ni. sometimes u've got to give yourself some self respect. be content of what you are. appreciate your friends. baru la org nak respect kat kau. How long are u going to beat your head against the wall, getting all excited, getting your hopes up ? everytime and then u need to impress him? you are like a bad joke. get stepped on, u come back for more. get shoved aside, u come back again. What the hell ? wake up! Walk tall, or baby don't walk at all.

it’s just not going to happen.


farah safiyya. the long awaited.

:+:+:+:8.41 am, 19 March 2011:+:+:+:

:+:+:+:her very own first glance into the world:+:+:+:

:+:+:+:ibu loves you very much safiyya:+:+:+:

Your little hands wrapped around my finger
And it's so quiet in the world tonight
Your little eyelids flutter cause you're dreaming
So I tuck you in and turn on your favorite nightlight

To you, everything's funny
You got nothing to regret
I'd give all I have honey
If you could stay like that

Oh darling don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
Just stay this little
Oh darling don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
It could stay this simple
I won't let nobody hurt you
Wont let no one break your heart
No one will desert you
Just try to never grow up
Never grow up

piece of scrap

Its a bright sunny delicious day in Kuantan and I am craving for sushi!
There's nothing I'd rather do than call up my boyfriend or fox fleet and spend the day missioning sit at home all day watching series's, facebooking and wondering what on earth I am going to do with the rest of my life since I screwed it up so royally.

I take a deep breathe and realize its just the hunger and dehydration talking ( I should probably start eating again at some point). I open my metaphorical eyes and realize that all those backs I have seen leaving my life lately are all for a reason. Life moves in cycles (again this may be the hunger talking but go with me) .

I do recall getting furious with people last year and early this year because of what I considered ignorance and disregard for the world at large or in layman's terms "stupidity". It was the same time period except a different group of people (cycles; possibly due to my lack of censorship and tendency to run my mouth).

But what does it all mean... It means that I get sick and tired of the same mundane people who don't understand me or how my brain works. I get sick of people trying to psycho-analyze me instead of paying attention to the true message behind my actions. So I bolt. I get furious and then I make them angry so they will run away. Like a scientist with a bunch of rats. I hypothesize, experiment and conclude.

But the silver lining on all of the above rubbish is that I learn all the time! I love to learn new things (ranging from the frivolous to the fruitful) and my mind is open to the lessons life is trying so to teach me. I listen to my almighty creator as he tries to speak to me through the universe. I take note of his message and I learn.

There are also people out there who have gone against my hypothesis. The people who I thought I could send packing but instead they saw right through my little experiment and accepted me for my silliness. Its also provided me with the brooding anguish needed to be a creative individual. So I will take this negative energy and turn it into a beautiful piece of writing, a sketch in tumblr, a devils way of spending money or a plan to redecorate.

You may think "uhm alright some one is losing it". But thats just the thing about me. I used to be comfortable in my madness then , for a while, I detested it and try to mask my "craziness" because it made others uncomfortable. I have nothing to lose now ( I have lost all that could be lost from saying this 'stuff' already). This is me, I am happy and comfortable with my "ness".

OK who else is loving how mystical I am sounding right now? Its all this positivity and zest for life! I am ready for the world! If this is your best shot then you best try harder because I got this big powerful dude on my side and when we bond (in prayer) its like the biggest love you can ever imagine! (Oh how i wish this is true). Thats right world come and get some!

i think thats it fer tonite. enuff of my silliness, dizziness, tingtong-ness and pujah-ness. haha! i dont even understand wat the heck am i writing losing it rite now. talking bout sanity huh? just a piece of scrap from me

super love her style! i am so getting a new pair of pants and peep toe heels!