2010 review


2010 taught me a lot of things. lets review 'em

1. aku stil tak bejaye manage duet gaji dgn baek. ye aku ade duet simpanan asb n tabung aji. tp asal pg kl je kuarkan duet utk shopping. vungux!

face this. bulan 12 ni aku da pegi singapore. kl trip 2 kali. n kelantan trip. bejoli naek atv je pakai duet gak. spent almost 3 k. gaji baru brape je bai? las las kua duet simpanan. aaaaa! mane taknye. asal nampak je rembat. nampak je rembat, wattakuan!! seryes takleh kontrol nafsu shopping. org kate gaji besar. no. gaji aku tak besar. selera aku besar. hahaha

so aku telah memotong lagi gaji untuk tambahkan lagi duet simpanan start from gaji bulan ni! amek ko! ikat perut la aku!

2.my career is getting smooth. my bos recognize my talent. i love my job. but sometimes when i dont get wat i want. i'll tend to mengamok. menanges. super hate that. sede gak sbb kene belaja mende yg tak paham. welding la. ASME code la. Petronas spec la. API la. AWS la. macam macam code. tapi papepon kne blaja.

recipe menjadi sorang engineer oil n gas yg bejaye. code. communication. firm. english. english. aaaand english! seryes tak tipu.

this year projek kurang masuk. economy was quite bad. nevertheless project pumps in banyak next year. SOGT. KPOC. TAPIS. a few to names. yg tu kire mega n im in the porject also. banyaaaak kne blaja neh. sobs

3. year '10 teaches me a lot on friendship. FRIENDSHIP. yah with capital. i love them loads. most of them are starting their career. good luck to them all. with their absence, a hole in the heart they've left me with. seryes. i am all by myself. i easily get bored. i easily get angry. my life is just not the same anymore. sobs. sometimes i do think to move somewhere else. u know...be independent. i havent get out from the house except for my matriculation time. but i am juz comfortable enough living here in kuantan. takpe takpe. bosan bosan aku pg melawat korang eh. get ready je laaaa! hahahaha

4. dont ever fall for your bestfriend. even a slightest remote feeling. dont! just dont! things wont ever be the same. i am now in a middle of a situation where everything are awefully dumbstruck, perplexed and incredulous. sometimes i think i cant hold it anymore. but wat else can i do? crying? hell no. yang ade skang cume pride. tu satuuu je yg tinggal. putting aside my pride is equally same for me to go naked around. i'd rather get a head shot. im just extremely tired of all this drama. i don wanna end up being an angry woman. i wanna know wat the hell is going on between us. but i cant. im juz too disappointed. i think wats best for now is juz too hold my speech. sobs.

5. i've been a pain in the ass for my parents. hah! seriously. they were lunatic as hell. marah gile towards me. haha! they treated me as if im a baby. nak wat cmne beb? susaaaah! kne solex beb! da tua bangke kot! haihhhhhhhhhhhhhh

well thats it. later alligator. muax!~

Je prtends que tout va bien

i love u dearly

tadi pg bank dgn ayah. sign some sort of agreement.

while waiting for the accountant to do all the documentation.

we were chit chatting for a while just to kill time.

our topics basically revolves around world headlines, national headlines, political status, book reviews, sports and yada yada yada..

tapi kan, tibe tibe he changed the topic:

ayah: so hows ur relationship status?

ijah: ayah. please dont ask.

silent environment...............................................................

stiff movement.....................................................................

awkward moment................................................................

ayah: semalam balik pukul brape? pukul 2?

ijah: tak. balik awal. pukul 1.

ayah: korok mu!

ok he's behaving normal again. thank god. pfft!

i love u dearly ayah!

pi.es: bapak aku comel!


aye aye captain !!

nak cakap ni...windu korang! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

post tadek idea. bubuh pic je lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


formating deleting

i have had this one lunatic madness that i despise most. i have to format my 'laptop'. i've made a huge mistake by downloading one 'virus' that will lead me to fatality. luckily the desease can still be safe. i hope it wont reach to the 'mother board'. now i have to delete everything that have been programmed inside my 'laptop'. demmit i'd downloaded a lot of unwanted things. wayy beyond my control. i dont know how does that happen. naturally it juz did without i even realized 'em. i dont know when? i dont know why? sometimes things go unplanned and it turned up wrongly. so here i am. i'm gonna undo everything. format and refresh. jus press F5 n everything will be normal. everything will be just fine. trust me. i've been into this like a million times. i'll get through this and rose up in the mornin as if nothing had ever happen. i'd already smell the sweet scents of victory. JYEAH!

sin chia po!

went for an exhibition in spore. cudnt shopping. only bought la senza undergarment for mysef. tshirts for bros. perfumes that cost a hefty sum of rm350/bottle for my mama and rm150/bottle for along's besday. mmg bankrupt!

lola for mama

sjp lovely for along..Seb bek awak pregnant..tu pasal ijah present kan yg mahal mahal

was too bz in the day. so tired during the nite. was not in the mood coz i got into a rough fight. ended up crying in the flight. cried the whole way home. i dont know wheres the mistakes. i just dont. i'd go back to make it all right.