wudda stressful week

minggu ni sgt le bengang nye..jadual aku bole plak clash 2 subjek..tak pepasal kne pilih subjek..at one stage smpai da lost spirit n hope n k study..wuu..come on..2sem lagik..hup2..ni bengang wat assignment plak..lecturer tanak pllak bg asignment betimbun..kalo aja bg org paham takpe r gak..tp aku tak paham sangat die aja pe..tup tup ade kuiz..wudda heck?!sometimes life is difficult..but u have to go tru it whether u like it or not..its life..deal with it..kick some ass n u wil move forward..aiyo...apek chan!tolon saye

my first blog(^_^)

hello..duhh..this is me..typing on my first blog..i used to have it on friendster..but lemme use sometin new..hehe..im mahfuzah mansor..this year going to be 22..gosh how old i am..r.a.i.n.b.o.w.chantek heh??let say i love god's creation..rainbow is full of colours...i just love colours..eheh..rite now i nak study..still study meh even though da tua..huhu..i think dats it for now..later la i cont eh