a quickie

safety boot - CHECK!

safety glass - CHECK!

coverall - CHECK!

sunblock - kat airport baru beli

sliper jepun - CHECK!

kaki itek - CHECK!

snorkeling goggle - CHECK!

cash money - yillek nandrek!

ini lah penangan apabila anda perlu bekerja di negara seberang laut dalam mase 24 jam notis dan kemudian straight nk pegi holiday di negara sendiri tapi tetap seberang laut. GILON!

survival backpackers mode on. lets get lost! lets rock n roll!! see u kuantan in another one week! muahahahah!

peace peace kacang peace!

the key to success sometimes lies in knowing when to let go. clearly the best option. holding on is always fear driven. these are the times when you should stop and ask yourself if you are in the right place. walking away helps you reflect on what you have learnt. don't desperately cling to something that is no longer working. if you are struggling with something you have absolutely no control over, you will become frustrated and be left feeling like a failure. accepting that there is no more to do will give you a feeling of peace.

this is what i feel after a long mature thinking. one of the hardest decision of life is whether to walk away or try even harder. avoiding something doesn't always mean that you hate it. it could also mean that you want it but you just know it isn't right. it wont get u anywhere but stuck in space of nothingness and empty promises. so here i am. i am letting you go so that i can conquer my inner-self back to its own pace. i wish that you're really the one.

note to self: don't get too close. never give 100%. just don't.


bosan bosan bosan. perlu ke keje mcm tadek dunia dah? haih. keje betimbun timbun. ot tu mmg byk la. asek balik malam buto. gilo tadek life. andartu la macam ni. bosan la. procedures. specification. welding. apesal la dpt partner keje yg tak reti buat keje? dah tua bangka pon tak reti2 lagi? aku rase aku dah abes lampi dah. ade jugak org lagi lampi dari aku. perlu ke nk kerut kerut dahi bagai? pang kang naye! sbb workload yg melampau ni la menyebabkan aku da jadi diktator kt opis. kalo aku nak sound. aku sound direct. macam singa dah ni. haih. engineer lelaki pemalas! oi! aku pon nak balik awal jugak. ko bajet aku bujang telajak tadek bf ni seronok sangat la ot smpai malam? oi! aku pon nak ade life jugak! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! sabar sabar. sabar itu separuh dari sabariah!


happy trilalalila!

just so u know..KUANTAN ADA SAWAH PADI!!!!!!!!

sumpah sumpah sumpah sangat happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please dont ask me its whereabout. i wont tell. its my secret hideout place! heh huh hoh!

perempuan, wanita dan ...


first thing first. i wud like to apologize if anyone wud end up getting hurt reading this post. my writing is going to be a bit spicy n sizzling. its up to an individuality on how u r going to interpret my message. get wat i mean? nahhhhhhhh.....................................

perempuan. subjektif. lembut di luar keras di dalam. keras di luar lembut di dalam. semakin meningkat usianya semakin matang lah pemikiran nya. tapi ape jadi kalau makin tua makin tak matang? hello! wakey wakey! mati ke kalau tak berboifren? mati ke kalau tak berlaki? ye mati kalau kau pegi bodo sangat bunuh diri. itu baru mati! dah kalau tak mati mati ko nak wat ape? ko senyum jelah. challo bette!

please! grow up n be matured. jangan nak desperado sebab jantan bole tak? geli tahu! sanggup kau buang kawan sebab jantan? laki tu pon belum tentu nak kat kau. takyah la bangang sgt nk menangis nak merayu nak tepekik nak telolong. huduh rupe tahu! huduh sepang! wheres your sense og dignity? at least tolong la ade pride sket. org laki ni kalo senang sgt dapat. senang la die let go. sbb die tau ko mesti melutut kat kaki die jugak. bagai melukut di tepi gantang. tak malu ke kalau org label kite as gedik? desperate? tak malu? tak malu? pui!

tolong la jadi mahal sikit. aku bukan swoh kau jual mahal. ni dah tahap lelong nak bagi free ni ape kes? nak ke mane mane pon nak kne ade abang sayang. blom tentu la die tu jadi abang kau. meluat la derr..kalau tadek abang sayang kan maen lagi kau punye banyak helah. tapi bile abang sayang ade, dari sakit bole jadi macam usop mak limah lari siap angkat wheelchair. bengot! disgust ok! puke puke!

seryes hipokrit gile perempuan macam ni. sometimes u've got to give yourself some self respect. be content of what you are. appreciate your friends. baru la org nak respect kat kau. How long are u going to beat your head against the wall, getting all excited, getting your hopes up ? everytime and then u need to impress him? you are like a bad joke. get stepped on, u come back for more. get shoved aside, u come back again. What the hell ? wake up! Walk tall, or baby don't walk at all.

it’s just not going to happen.


farah safiyya. the long awaited.

:+:+:+:8.41 am, 19 March 2011:+:+:+:

:+:+:+:her very own first glance into the world:+:+:+:

:+:+:+:ibu loves you very much safiyya:+:+:+:

Your little hands wrapped around my finger
And it's so quiet in the world tonight
Your little eyelids flutter cause you're dreaming
So I tuck you in and turn on your favorite nightlight

To you, everything's funny
You got nothing to regret
I'd give all I have honey
If you could stay like that

Oh darling don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
Just stay this little
Oh darling don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
It could stay this simple
I won't let nobody hurt you
Wont let no one break your heart
No one will desert you
Just try to never grow up
Never grow up

piece of scrap

Its a bright sunny delicious day in Kuantan and I am craving for sushi!
There's nothing I'd rather do than call up my boyfriend or fox fleet and spend the day missioning sit at home all day watching series's, facebooking and wondering what on earth I am going to do with the rest of my life since I screwed it up so royally.

I take a deep breathe and realize its just the hunger and dehydration talking ( I should probably start eating again at some point). I open my metaphorical eyes and realize that all those backs I have seen leaving my life lately are all for a reason. Life moves in cycles (again this may be the hunger talking but go with me) .

I do recall getting furious with people last year and early this year because of what I considered ignorance and disregard for the world at large or in layman's terms "stupidity". It was the same time period except a different group of people (cycles; possibly due to my lack of censorship and tendency to run my mouth).

But what does it all mean... It means that I get sick and tired of the same mundane people who don't understand me or how my brain works. I get sick of people trying to psycho-analyze me instead of paying attention to the true message behind my actions. So I bolt. I get furious and then I make them angry so they will run away. Like a scientist with a bunch of rats. I hypothesize, experiment and conclude.

But the silver lining on all of the above rubbish is that I learn all the time! I love to learn new things (ranging from the frivolous to the fruitful) and my mind is open to the lessons life is trying so to teach me. I listen to my almighty creator as he tries to speak to me through the universe. I take note of his message and I learn.

There are also people out there who have gone against my hypothesis. The people who I thought I could send packing but instead they saw right through my little experiment and accepted me for my silliness. Its also provided me with the brooding anguish needed to be a creative individual. So I will take this negative energy and turn it into a beautiful piece of writing, a sketch in tumblr, a devils way of spending money or a plan to redecorate.

You may think "uhm alright some one is losing it". But thats just the thing about me. I used to be comfortable in my madness then , for a while, I detested it and try to mask my "craziness" because it made others uncomfortable. I have nothing to lose now ( I have lost all that could be lost from saying this 'stuff' already). This is me, I am happy and comfortable with my "ness".

OK who else is loving how mystical I am sounding right now? Its all this positivity and zest for life! I am ready for the world! If this is your best shot then you best try harder because I got this big powerful dude on my side and when we bond (in prayer) its like the biggest love you can ever imagine! (Oh how i wish this is true). Thats right world come and get some!

i think thats it fer tonite. enuff of my silliness, dizziness, tingtong-ness and pujah-ness. haha! i dont even understand wat the heck am i writing about.im losing it rite now. talking bout sanity huh? just a piece of scrap from me

super love her style! i am so getting a new pair of pants and peep toe heels!


sudah terhantuk baru nak terngadah

2 3 bulan ni aku asek sakit gigi. sebab gigi bongsu yang belakang gigi geraham tu da tumbuh. skang ni gigi bongsu tolak gusi bawah ke atas. so bile gusi tu da ke atas, ianya akan menyakitkan gusi bila gusi bawah bertemu gigi atas. *harap maaf ayat agak skema*

seryes sangat sangat sakit. sometimes sampai kene amek pain killer.

skang ni aku tgh mengumpulkan kekuatan bola jiwa untuk pegi bejumpe dentist. possibility adelah cut off that small piece of gum. GILAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!


seumo hidop aku, benda yg paling aku takot dalam dunia ni adelah jumpe doc gigi! kecut perut. memulas mulas. bepinar pinar kepala. menggigil. seram sejuk. bepeluh. pucat lesi. sume ade. even las year pegi cuci gigi pon STIL mama teman duk sebelah. nanges tu da tentu dah. seryes sangat takuuuuuuut!

tapi skang ni sbb da sakit sgt tak tahan. gusi da bengkak. nak makan pon susah *tu pasal i kurus uuuuuuuu* tengokla kalo cukop berani nnt aku nk pegi jumpe manusia yang aku paling benci dalam dunia, DENTIST!

oh btw ingt nk wat braces. tapi kat gigi bawah jek. org kate nnt kne cabut gigi. ok tu pon bole kire satu keje gila mengundang maut. bole bayang tak JARUM BESAR NAK MATI TU MASUK MULUT INJECT KITAAAAAA!

huih...bepinar jap mate memikirkan masalah ni

Dental braces (also known as orthodontic braces, or simply braces) are devices used in the orthodontic industry that help align and straighten teeth and help to position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also working to improve dental health. They are often used to correct under bites, as well as, malocclusions[1] , overbites, cross bites, open bites, deep bites, crooked teeth, and various other flaws of the teeth and jaw - WIKI

seeeeeee...i really need to get my teeth done! i juz don have enough courage! HAIH......

Btw im thinking of getting pink braces. only for the lower part of teeth

Untuk gigi atas pulak im thinking to get crowning. nak buang gigi yg kt depan yg belapik satu ni. then crowning kan aje. ok crowning sangat mahal. plus minus rm1500 per tooth! duet mmg da ade. cume masalahnye crowning kne buat sizing yg takes time.

A crown is a type of dental restoration which completely caps or encircles a tooth or dental implant. Crowns are often needed when a large cavity threatens the ongoing health of a tooth[1]. They are typically bonded to the tooth using a dental cement. Crowns can be made from many materials, which are usually fabricated using indirect methods. Crowns are often used to improve the strength or appearance of teeth. While unarguably beneficial to dental health, the procedure and materials can be relatively expensive - WIKI

naaaah...a decent pic for knowledge

process crowning:

1. cabut gigi
2. amek sizing gigi baru
3. tempah gigi dekat lab which take a few weeks
4. tedaaaaa! gigi pon lawo!


uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! camno ni? camno den nak buek!

haih!!!! buntu sey buntu!!! apekate tunggu jek buat crowning time tengah pantang baby bersalin? tapi aku nak tangkap gamba kawen sengih lebor lebor!!!!

haih.......dah taktau nak taip ape dah. asek pk pasal ni jek. *sambil taip sambil tak tetelan air liur dah. takot sangat sangat dah ni.GULP!*

pi.es: padan muke sape swoh waktu kecik kecik suke benor telan chocolate. kan da padan muke! PUI!!

my signature style!~

ok for the past few weeks. i'd figured out to change my move n style. signature style. quite bored asek tangkap gmba with all the fish pout. haha! so here i go. my new signature style! move it bebeyh!

patah #1

patah #2

patah #3

tips: muke ala ala blagak mintak penumbuk. bajet bes n pandang slek "ape pandang pandang? ade hutang??!" sgt penting untuk set kan dialog itu dalam minda. pastu kasi lentik sket badan. KONPOM BEJAYE. OYEAH!~


patah #4

patah #5

patah #6

patah #7

oklah. cukop lah 7 kali patah. kang btol btol patah kang azab. naye jek sape nk tanggung? gehaha!

TIPS: untuk kaki patah, awak sume kne feeling feeling gedik lebeh sket. kne set dlm otak konon awak sume adelah org paling somel dalam bumi! bile da naik sheikh..konpom gamba akan jadi mabeles!

cukoplah edisi syok sendri utk kali ini. sehingga bertemu di laen kali. bubye!~

wedding numbre tres

kawen kawen kawen

kawan aku kawen


aku da nak muntah pegi org kawen. aku nak org laen pulak datang kawen aku. amacam? carer??

keberangkatan pegi ke majlis kawen. mesti la banyaaaaak pit stop nye. since my village is in terengganu, i cudnt care less on beaches. da biase sgt. tp disebabkan bawak org key ell yg jakun tgk pantai..so kite layankan la....*selamat duet minyak aku korang yg tong kan. wakaka*

pit stop 1: pantai

carer giler makan eskrem tepi pantai. seryes bes!

pit stop 2: terengganu.

time ni nak kidnap dira dari bonzer. hehehehehe

aktiviti mentedarah tepi pantai. sotong celup tepung sekor seplo ingget. gile mahal. murah lagi harge kuantan~

then ktorg pon cecepat pegi resort. tido resort yaww. chalet tepi pantai. bes! rase cam nk pg vacay kt pulau jek. hihihihi. time ni la nak cecepat siap siap pegi nikah liya. nikah die malam. kenduri die keesokan ari siang

the s.o.l.e.m.n.i.z.a.t.i.o.n
tedaaaaaaa! she is my bestfriend! the first ever who tied up the knot! nur aini liyana binti zakaria. satu kelas. satu roomies. i'd spent my entire university life with her and all the other girls. banyaaaaak sangat kenangan ktorg. sayaaaaang sangat kat dorang. sobs sobs. perasaan mase liya kawen? hoih. begenang genang kot. ade perasaan haru biru dalam hati. dulu sengal same same. skang da jadi wife orang. congrats lieya!!!

welcome to wifeys club!

azan...jage liya elok elok!!!

ketibaan rombongan mak jah

depan chalet..wajib posing dulu!

selamat pengantin baru!!!

time to go back!!
another nice beach in terengganu!

huhuhuhuh! gile begambo. actually ade 700++ pics taken during the wedding. gile penat begamba! huih!

lieya! selamat pengantin baru. jgn lupe jemput ktorg buat housewarming. bole gegerl talk lagi. eh silap.LADIES TALK! U know wat i mean...yehahahahah!

wedding #2

peace be upon you...

here are some snap pic for wedding number dos! MUBEN'S n MAS'

i still remember a lil chit chat between me n mas during Iju's sister wedding back in 2009

me: ko da ade bf?

mas: takde lagi

me: aku pon

tadaaaaaaaaa! skang da kawen! haha! i am happy for u guys. cudnt be happier. jage abang long kite tu leklok!

sengal sumenye

super love

brotherhood kaw kaw

pengantin lirai! pas akad nikah bole melepak mamak lagi! muben sorang je leh wat!

yg sbelah saye ni bukan bf saye ye. die kawan dari skolah rendah. cikgu acan pelat! sekian time kaseh! *penat dah menjawab soalan*

wishing u both a happily married life!

ok. sgt hepi tangkap tangkap gamba. dpt jumpe kawan kawan. dapat karoke 4jam 12 orang. sampai serak sore nyanyi lagu AMUK! lepas gian sesangat! dah lame tak get together ngn dorang. so happy like i can smile all day ear to ear! sayang korang gilon!

entri tak berape nak sampah

hye. i'm gay. i'm ok!


sbenanye waktu kecik kecik dulu saye nak jadi archaeologist. kaitan??? (-_-)"

hye. im hot but im dateless. i wonder why but i pretty much sure im ok! LIARR!!

hehehe. seryes! waktu kecik kecik dulu saye nk jadi ahli kaji purba. btol tak tipu! kes???

alkisah bermula nya dari pengaruh kuat kisah kisah nabi. akibat dari menonton kisah rasul yang dipaparkan di kaca televisyen seawal darjah 4 telah memupuk rasa ingin tahu dan sifat kendiri yang semakin tebal nan membuak buak untuk menjadikan diri sebagai ahli kaji purba tersohor seantero dunia!!! tettt! so not!

gile ah sebenor benornye pengaruh tgk national geographic pasal firaun. seryes bile tgk archaeologist tu gali gali kubur firaun rase cam takot nak mati. mata siap tak bekelip langsong. nak nak bile narrator tu cakap kalo orang gali tu biasenye kne sumpahan sampai jadi gila la, mati la, bunuh diri la. so kite pon cam excited lalu menghamburkan kata kata azimat HUYYYOOOO! GILE BES! MATI MACAM NI BARU MACHO!! --->pang!! *kne penampa sulong mama n ayah*

tambah tambah pulak tgk cite indiana jones. lompat sane. lompat sini. tembak sane. tembak sini. sumpit sane. sumpit sini. tapi tak mati mati!!! impressed gile ahh! dapat jumpe harta karun la pulak. cer kalo kite yg jumpe. hoih. usah harapla aku nak bagi kat kerajaan malaysia. baik aku leburkan pastu jual kat kedai emas. ahahaha! KA-CHING!!

hye. saye lah abang gagah. tgk 6-pax saye! oh btw saye ade cemeti. nak kene sebat ke? grrrr!

yg paling bes cite die bole minum fountain of youth. sumpah kagum gile. banyak banyak cawan die bole pilih yg the TRUE CUP! skali minum...sruuuuup! mesti sedap kan. *imaginasi kaw kaw sampai rase air fountain of youth tu pon bole bayang*

pastu ingat nak jadi archaelogist untuk cari fosil dinosaur. itu pulak pengaruh lost world jurassic park! asal tgk dinosor jek jerit! jerit jek tgk dinosor! uahahahahaha! panggg! *pon kne penampa sebab memekak sangat tgk cite dinosor* pastu siap imagine kalo jumpe tulang dinosor tu dapat la namekan dinosor tu sempena name sendiri. mahfuzasaourous! HOIH! HENSEM GILE NAME DINOSOR! seb bek la kat unibesiti tadek course archaeologist kan? kalo tak...hah! rasekan kau! hamek kau!

hye. i'm the talking dinosor who appears to be purple out of nowhere. my creator must be silly though. well screw him! oh btw i love to sing with a bunch of stupid small kids. it makes me look adorably cute. to come clean. i had to! i juz wanna be a rockstar. demmit! come on! sing with me yaww!!

pastu dulu pon slalu bajet nak jadi pejuang angkasa lepas. andai kate la bumi kene serang! ijinkan beta menjadi perajurit pertama yg menentang segala bentuk entiti makhluk asing yang berani memperkotak katikkan penduduk bumi!! walau bermuntahkan darah, beta sanggup!!! harap maklom. kalini pengaruh star wars pulak. adeh! adeh!

right: hye! i'm not your furball. im chubackaa the talking apes who saves the mankind. show some respect dudes !!! left: hye! i'm han solo. indiana jones is my long lost brother. do u get me? nevertheless, we're still hot bebeh! want me to spank u? grrrr!

sekian sahaja intisari rancangan merapu meraban untuk kali ini. ok bye! tata titi tutu! muach!~

pi.es: sbenanye saye nak jadi newscaster pas tgk cite korea-all about eve. sobs sobs!

hye. sayelah newscaster korea yg tercun mate bak sailormoon tak payah makan innershine prune. lakukan sahaja pembedahan plastik di bahagian mata. nescaya anda jua dapat menekel anak ceo toke tempat anda bekerje. hnnnns hnnnnns :8)

betol betol tata titi tutu!

feeling feeling rachel bilson!

hoho. malam ni nk cite pasal resolution! lets start!

1. a whole lot of positive energy. POSITIVE!!! dont listen to stories without knowing its root. do not over think. over assuming. n over doing. juz chillex!

2. less cursing. less swearing. ok susah! tapi tak try tak tau. pasni kalo nk mencarut je kne byk byk sabar. istighfar banyak banyak. ok susah! tapi tolong la sapot aku!! uwuuuu!

3. less shopping. more saving. hah! I CAN DO IT!!!!! da seminggu tak shopping. hebat hebat!!!

4. more good deeds. senang je ni! plus aku ni mmg hati baek. mulut je jahat tapinye. huhuhuhu

*i mesti bole buat!*

5. eat healthily. ok yg ni cam da bejaya jugak la buat. brunch everyday. brunch means breakfast+lunch. time ni consume banyaaaak! then balik keje tak makan nasi da kat rumah. makan roti! tapi kalau makan nasi pon amek kuantiti sangat sikit. skang pon da makan vitamin E n calcium pills. untuk kesihatan beb. dah suku abad ni kne jage sikit sikit. then kne stat exercise balik pas abes musim ujan ni. aktiviti : panjat bukit pelindung *eventhough sorang sorang since ria n nadirah da tadek*. swimming. jogging ni malas sket. sbb cepat semput n cramp kt apendiks. so pas ni lets be a health freak!

6. live beautifully. nak jadi cantek macam rachel bilson! sekian terima kasih! heheh. tak tak seriously aku sangat adore rachel bilson. i mean she's cute, pretty n always look glowing. i want that!the most important thing is she's petite juz like me. so antara aktiviti aktivit menarik yg akan diventure tahun ni untuk menjadi cantik inside out are hair treatment n spa. tapi kne cari kaki spa la. sape eh nak teman? oh n skang ade latest hobby. expensive undergarments! love love love!

7.nak bf? please scratch this out. tanak cari. bad bad bad experience. work comes first. ayuh kite jadi workaholic jyeah!

ok bai! sayang sume org yg sayang saye. muach!~