peace peace kacang peace!

the key to success sometimes lies in knowing when to let go. clearly the best option. holding on is always fear driven. these are the times when you should stop and ask yourself if you are in the right place. walking away helps you reflect on what you have learnt. don't desperately cling to something that is no longer working. if you are struggling with something you have absolutely no control over, you will become frustrated and be left feeling like a failure. accepting that there is no more to do will give you a feeling of peace.

this is what i feel after a long mature thinking. one of the hardest decision of life is whether to walk away or try even harder. avoiding something doesn't always mean that you hate it. it could also mean that you want it but you just know it isn't right. it wont get u anywhere but stuck in space of nothingness and empty promises. so here i am. i am letting you go so that i can conquer my inner-self back to its own pace. i wish that you're really the one.

note to self: don't get too close. never give 100%. just don't.


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