HIJRAH = new journey

semalam aku da tender resignation letter. i've served Asturi Metal Builders for 2years 6months. i've gained a lot of experience in oil and gas. still i dont think its enough for me. oil n gas is very huge. static, structure, platform, jacket, piping, e&i, offshore hook up, commissioning yg aku pon smpai skang tak paham paham. the challenge working in Asturi? u have to be an all rounder. inspection, procedures, welding, wps, wqt, calibration, qualification all sorts and what not. u have to do everything. at first confirm la akan whining n all. leteh. keje mcm org gile. kne maki tu normal dah. sampai nanges pon ade sbbr ase diri ni da bodoh sgt2. busy ya ampun. balik malam. ot manjang. sabtu ahad keje. u have no life. ur work is ur life......... but somehow in the end i feel very glad coz the result is very fruitfull. my 2years experience is equal to 5 years experience of some people.

i've learnt a lot. i've got two bosses whom i treat as my abang long and abang abang long. whenever i wanna cry konpom cari abang long jugak. i even went to search fenomena 30 tahun concert with my boss. cool kan? well, they've been good to me. susah da nk jumpe bos mcm ni. kne maki pon aku dengar je la. sbb mereka kan org org tua. haruslah menghormati org kertu ni. even after tender resignation letter nanges kot. huaaaa. i handled two big packages totalling 35 vessels for KPOC and SOGT project. i did my own WPS/PQR. sampai buruk muke kne effect welding. i did inspection with my inspectors. i have 7 inspectors to help me. thank you guys! im nothing without you all. n yes. i am the only woman in my department who works just as the same as the guys. leteh like hell but lovin it!

so bile project da 80% siap. ape lagi? lets update the resume! huahua. actually saje je tekinja kinja excited nk test market. sbb byk resume anta tru email tidak dilayan, so i decided to go for a walk in interview. minimum 5YEARS EXPERIENCE. gile tak? ingat tak dapat. sbb yg datang tu ya rabbi banyak sgt sgt. beratus ratus org. dtg interview at 830am. tapi kne tunggu until 4pm baru name kne panggil. bile kne interview tu i explained my work experiences in Asturi. interview tu sgt sgt impressed by my detail description. after all im a woman n i managed to do what the men do. kembang sket sket la kan? kui3

so after process nego gaji n a lot of sabar since mmhe punye procedure nk hire org is very strict...dapat jugak la position source inspection coordinator. wat the? i dunno wat is that. hentam je la. but then tanye la jugak kawan2 what is the job scope. wallaaaah! sgt pengsan. its like u have to know a lot. from a to z kuasa 4. no more vessel. vessel tu keciiiiik je besar kismis ketak atas platform. so yeah. im building a platform. for exxon mobil in teluk platform project. my new company is MMHE. lame kot apply nk mintak keje. tp tak layan. biadaaap sgt. huhu. alhamdulillah dapat jugak. n im smiling ear to ear as im writing this post. i dont wanna think on the pressure im gonna face in future. let it be. keje je dlu. insyallah bole buat. the most significant thing is BE A FAST LEARNER.

so here you are




ok nampak kecik je gamba ni. i know......haha. sume vessel column bagai yg aku buat skang ni susun mcm maen uno stacko jek atas platform ni nnt. ngihihihihi

FINALLY IM GONNA BUILD A PLATFORM! those static, structure, platform, jacket, piping, e&i, offshore hook up, commissioning?? ITU SEMUA KENE TAHU!!! DREAMS CAME TRUE!! ghahahah! more pressure. more depression. more late nite work. more passion. more learning.

pi.es: still going to be the only female engineer in my new department. *pengsan*


Ansben said...

oo.. telok eh, well welcome to MMHE. i'm 1 of your co-worker in MMHE, attached in GUMUSUT KAKAP project as E&I Inspector. hehe.. if any thing you want to know about something just text me by mail.

pujah said...

hey u can drop ur email here. i severely need a guide in e&i. pengsan pengsan! huhu

~bi[L]LY^LiL[L]Y~ said...

tahniah kak pujah. you made a good choice. happy working in a new area. i will follow ur step soon. gahah. just wait for another two years and sure i'll tender resignation also. heheh. bumi Allah ni luas. Insya-Allah rezeki tempat lain ade. Good Luck!! Happy Always.

pujah said...

yes...may u have a good future too ada! insyaallah!

Izzati said...

Salam, Sis.Saya pn sbnrnya berminat nk join MMHE tp xtahu mcm mn nk start. Ada jg apply for Asturi Engineer via mail tp xde reply lg. Boleh x sis bantu bagi cadangan. Tq =)